Why Choose Pacific India for Dry Syrup Manufacturing?

Why Choose Pacific India for Dry Syrup Manufacturing?

Pacific India is the profound name for pharma manufacturing in India. Our company deals in more than 1000 pharma products to offer for pharma manufacturing services in India. With the help of professionals and experts, we are the leading pharma manufacturer that offers third-party manufacturing services throughout India. We use modern and economical techniques of pharma manufacturing and provide manufacturing for Dry Syrups, Tablets, Capsules, and syrups. You will get a wide range of medicines consisting of antibiotics, cough syrups, ayurvedic syrups, pediatric range etc.

Our company is one of the fastest growing companies in India. Pacific India is ISO, WHO and GMP certified and we use advanced technology and an updated method of manufacturing. The company follows strict quality parameters. Third Party manufacturing is the great support for the companies who don’t have their own manufacturing units. With the help of 3rd party manufacturing, the companies can buy drugs from other companies and sell them on their trademark or brand name. 

The company provides economical manufacturing services for quality products. We assure you to get on-time delivery of the medicines. In case you want to get more details related to our third party pharma manufacturing services then directly call us at 9728712333 or email your query at silhospharma@gmail.com. 

Pacific India - The Best Pharma Manufacturer in India

The growing demand for the pharma services is giving the advantages to many companies to flourish. But due to market competition, manufacturing and research platforms take a step back. We at Pacific India, offer manufacturing facilities to those pharma companies that do not possess their own production space. Being an ISO certified, we strive to bring quality-assured medicines at best economical rates. 

  • The company has a large manufacturing space to provide heavy market demand on time.
  • With the help of latest machines and skilled staff, we are able to provide the cost-efficient manufacturing.
  • We follow the strict guidelines of GMP and WHO units for manufacturing the medicines
  • Active and Clinically Approved raw material from the reliable sources are brought into use for the medicine manufacturing
  • Hi-tech Machines that are hygienic and sterilized embrace our quality manufacturing.
  • We emphasize in innovative techniques of packaging to bring safe and non-contaminated medicines.
  • With the help of research and development experts, we are able to provide the new formulation as per the market demand.

Substantial Range of Dry Syrup Available at Pacific India for Manufacturing

Pacific India is a well-reputed company in the pharmaceutical sector. The company has a potential to manufacturers a large scale production and supply it to many other pharma marketing companies. We are engaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting variety of pharma medicines and drugs like Tablets, Capsules, Dry Syrups, Syrups, and Injections etc. We produce products with the best quality and effective packaging. We excel in manufacturing a vibrant range of Dry Syrup in the following categories:

  • Multivitamin Dry Syrup
  • Allopathic Cough Syrup
  • Pediatric Syrup
  • Cough Syrup
  • Oral Suspension
  • Antibiotics
  • Herbal/Ayurvedic Syrups
  • Pharmaceutical Products, etc.

Economic Manufacturing Services at Pacific India Pharma

Pacific India is a reckoned name in the third party pharma manufacturing all across the nation. The company has its manufacturing units in Tax-free locations that enables it to provide the tax concessions. The large-scale manufacturing space with the latest machinery and dedicated skilled staff make us able to provide heavy market demands on time. We are embraced with our special team of researchers that constantly works to bring new and innovative drug formulation as per the market demand.

We Assure you to have the economic manufacturing for dry syrups and other medicines at Pacific India. Our company understands your need for safe, durable, effective and quality drug solutions which are offered here. Contact us to know more about our manufacturing services in your region.

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