Who Have Escalator Brush? – AOQUN

Who Have Escalator Brush? – AOQUN

Liao, is the manager of the mechanical and electrical equipment company of Hong Kong Automated Grid Maintenance, was looking for manufacturers of Escalator brush these days. Because his customer recently asked all suppliers of parts and components to choose the manufacturer that owns the patent in this area, it seemed that the agreed delivery time is getting closer and closer, and the manufacturer of Escalator brush has not found yet.

When he had no clue, he accidentally clicked on the Alibaba platform and saw a yellow escalator brush on the web page. Then Liao contacted the manufacturer – AOQUN. AOQUN’s customer service staff Swallow told Liao that the color escalator brush has a number of escalator brush patents. Among them, the yellow flame-retardant brush is the most popular. First, the yellow color is the warning color. Secondly, the escalator brush UL94-V0 flame retardant breaks the precedent that cannot be used for flame retardant. In addition, all the brushes of the AOQUN have undergone strict inspection of incoming materials, process inspection and other processes, and strictly ensure that the brush has good tensile strength and no filament loss. The most important thing is that the yellow escalator brush has been promoted and used in the Hong Kong subway. After hearing this, Liao asked if he could send samples to him. Let’s try to see the effect of this brush.

A week later, Liao manager gave a feedback that they were very satisfied with the color brush, AOQUN product is not only good quality, but also has the patent for the escalator brush, and is the world’s first UL94-V0 flame retardant color escalator brush. Pulling and resilience are very good. It is the products they need. Next, they will focus on promoting the color escalator brush and hope to cooperate with AOQUN for a long time!

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