Which is the Best Elevator Door Seals? AOQUN Will Help You!

Which is the Best Elevator Door Seals? AOQUN Will Help You!

In December 2017, AOQUN received an elevator maintenance customer from Guangxi, Mr. Xie. Mr. Xie told that they had elevator door seals replacement order for a shopping mall and needed a lot of elevator door seals at the end of this year. However, the previously purchased elevator door seals always lost the filament, and there has been no way for the supplier to improve, which let the owner disappointed for each time to replacement elevator door seals. Therefore, Mr. Xie hopes to find a more powerful elevator door seals manufacturer to cooperate

Mr. Xie found that AOQUN has been in elevator door seals production since 2008 and also an expert in the elevator door seals. Mr. Xie had an opportunity to come to Guangzhou to work, Then he decided to take a look at the AOQUN. In here, the perfect management system such as incoming inspection, process inspection and factory inspection let Mr. Xie have new cognizant of the AOQUN. Our sales manager Miss Gui has tested the filament for Mr. Xie in the scene. The flame-retardant performance and tensile test made Mr. Xie personally feel that each elevator door seal is made of real material, and it is really produced with UL94-V0 flame retardant, and the tensile force is ≥6KG. Mr. Xie said that he would immediately place an order for the 20 unit elevator to AOQUN. After receiving the order, only 4 days, AOQUN immediately delivered the elevator door seals to Mr. Xie for installation and use.

After receiving, a phone call from Mr. Xie one month later, the feedback on the elevator door seals ordered by AOQUN has been completely installed. The owner did not have any filament lose for half a month, and the owner was very satisfied. “I am very grateful to AOQUN for providing us with such high-quality products. Let us take orders in the future to have more quality advantages and service advantages.” He said. Next, He will order the elevator door seals of 40-unit elevators. He always looks forward to working with AOQUN!

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