Which brand of cement is the best for your house

Every person who wishes to build his own house knows that cement is the most important ingredient in the construction of the property. We are curious about the materials used in cement production as we prepare to build our homes. Since cement is one of the essential ingredients that give longevity to construction, any wrong guidance can affect the quality of construction.

There are overall 23 types of cement available in the market. Apart from this, people often need clarification about which cement brand is the best for house construction. Which type of cement to go for? What are the applications of different types of cement? Which cement brand is the best?

Two types of cement are commonly used in India.

1. Ordinary Portland Cement

2. Portland Pozzolana Cement

Ordinary Portland Cement is popular and the most widely used cement for construction work. It is available in OPC 33 Grade, OPC 43 Grade, and OPC 53 Grade. It attains strength in less time and has great resistance against cracks and shrinkage. If you are looking for the best cement for roof construction, then you should look for OPC 53 Grade.

Portland Pozzolana Cement gained popularity nowadays for providing similar properties like OPC 53 Grade. Due to the usage of pozzolanic materials, PPC helps in reducing environmental problems. The Portland cement price is comparatively less than Ordinary Portland Cement and has great resistance against chemical attacks.

Apart from this, there are several other types as well.

1. Portland Slag Cement: One can use Portland Slag Cement as a replacement for Ordinary Portland Cement because of its environmental and economic benefits. It has a low risk of cracking and is resistant to chloride and sulfate attacks.

2. Wonder Xtreme: Wonder Cement Xtreme Cement undoubtedly meets the needs of the market's premium segment. It is a specially formulated blended cement made as per IS 1489 to produce High-Performance Concrete. Wonder Xtreme provides high compressive strength with a smooth finish and dampness prevention.

3. White Cement: White Cement enables a broad variety of colour possibilities for producing structural and architectural concrete, masonry, and cementitious construction materials. Roads are constructed with White Cement to make the medians of highways more visible.

4. Waterproof Cement: Concrete made with this cement are more resistant to water penetration compared to concrete manufactured by regular cement. Because of its higher resistance to water penetration, it is mostly used in water tanks, reservoirs, dams, etc.

5. Rapid Hardening Cement: Rapid Hardening Cement is also known as high early-strength cement. It strengthens within three days and is frequently utilized for projects that involve the removal of formwork at an early stage or when the goal is to accelerate construction while cutting expenses.

Whenever we talk about house construction, the roof of any house becomes one of the most essential parts of the structure. So it must be constructed with the best quality cement. Wonder Cement is the best cement for roof construction because it assures quality check parameters of cement.

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