When to Gift Flowers

Our eyes long to see excellence – and what's more delightful than flowers. They have been given as endowments since ages, and the appeal doesn't appear to fade away at any point in the near future. Keeping the same logic in mind, we at FloraIndia have perfected our online flower delivery in India service.

Every flower has a story to tell and thus, when you gift it to someone makes a lot of difference. Hence, you must keep the following points in mind before you order flowers online.

Deciding on the basis of occasion

In a lifetime, there will be many such occasions which will be incomplete without flowers. For instance, every month has its own flower and therefore seasonal flowers are the best birthday gifts.

Similarly number of years must be considered when gifting on an anniversary, like Pink roses for 15 years and Orange Lily on the occasion of 30 years.

On occasions like mother’s day- Red and Pink Carnations make the best gift.

In the case you want to gift flowers to impress someone, Orchids or Tulips might be a nice choice.

And, when mourning a deceased large and formal arrangements such as lily and chrysanthemums are more common. And with us, you can order flowers online for every such occasion and reason.

Deciding on the basis of color

The color of each flower has a different meaning attached to it. And hence scheduling a flower delivery on the basis of the color might be a wise choice.

Yellow flowers are a symbol of friendship and joy, while Orange, Red and Pink flowers represent feelings of energy, love, and affection.

Flowers of blue, green and white colors can be gifted when the aim behind it is making peace with the receiver or providing them with comfort since these colors have calming effects.

Additionally, bright colored flowers provide hope to the receiver, which makes them a good choice for someone who is upset or grieving.

Deciding on the basis of the flower

Certain flowers are given with specific intentions.

As is understood by all, Red roses and dark red Carnations and Yellow Tulips are a declaration of love and therefore are gifted on events such as a proposal or Valentine’s Day.

Pink Carnations define a mother’s love while Yellow Carnations signify disappointment.

When deciding on a house warming gift, Gerbera Daisies are a perfect choice as they symbolize cheerfulness.

Lilacs are a flower for a new romance.

Flowers such as Sunflower and Orchids can be given as anniversary gifts.

Therefore, all the above factors must be considered while choosing the right flower or combination of flowers – be it a vase, basket or maybe you want to order an online bouquet delivery – it’s all available here.

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