What to pay attention to when renting a storage?

What to pay attention to when renting a storage?

Renting a storage unit is a great way to declutter your home and make some room for more important items. You can store just about anything in your unit. From old furniture that is still in good shape to your collectibles. But there are some things to you need to pay attention to when choosing the perfect unit for you.

Purpose of renting a storage

The first thing to pay attention to when renting a storage is to choose a unit that meets your requirements. You should start with size. The unit should be spacious enough to store everything you need. But not too big so it sits half empty. The next thing to look at is the specs. Some items require more care and attention like constant air temperature and humidity. It should also be run by a reputable company like Divine Moving and Storage NYC. That way you will be sure that your belongings will be safe. And lastly, location is a big factor. You don’t want to have to travel for miles just to reach your storage unit.

Size is important

Size of the storage unit is not just about fitting your items. For starters, you want to be able to fit them comfortably. Putting things on top of each other can cause damage over time. Putting light boxes on top of your old couch is fine. But you don’t want to put furniture on top of furniture. It can easily tear if you do so. You also want to be able to raise everything from the ground on wooden pallets. That way your belongings will be better protected. And lastly, you don’t want too much empty space. You will only end up paying for something that you are not using.

Climate-controlled storage

When you have to store more sensitive items, like antique furniture or collectibles you might want to invest a little bit more in your storage. Yes, you can always pack it so it’s very well protected. And you might even ask packing professionals to give you a hand. But changes in air temperature and relative humidity can cause damage. Even if everything is packed perfectly. That’s why renting a storage unit with climate control is the best option for sensitive items. Not to mention that it will be much more comfortable when you go to pick something up. Especially during the winter period.

Location and accessibility

Location of the storage unit is probably the most important factor for many people. And with good reason. You don’t want to have to travel across the entire town just to pick something up from your unit. It doesn’t have to be just across the street from you. But you should definitely have in mind how accessible the location is. Also, if you are planning on storing larger items, renting a storage unit with easy access for trucks is quite important. That way you can be sure that you can quickly and easily drop off and pick up your items.

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