What to Do for Transponder Key Problems

What to Do for Transponder Key Problems

Transponder keys are now standard, making automobiles much more difficult to steal, though they are more expensive. While they are much safer and comforting to have, problems can still arise with transponder keys, and it’s good to have access to a nearby Cumming, GA locksmith professional who can help immediately.

Transponder keys are also known as transponder “chip” keys. The chip inside the key sends a unique signal to your car’s computer, which contains a specific frequency aligned to your car. These ignition keys for your vehicle make getting in and out of your car very easy by allowing you to unlock your doors without putting the key in the lock, activating and deactivating your alarm remotely, opening the trunk, and some can even start the car remotely.

Today, transponder keys are standard, and are also considered superior to regular keys. Cars are harder to steal, and though transponder keys are more expensive they are considered well worth it. By offering peace of mind for the additional safety included, a transponder key is helpful overall. However, there are potential problems with transponder keys.

Benefits of Transponder Keys
Remember the old days when the key was as simple as sticking it into the door lock to open the car? And then inserting that same key into the ignition to start the car? Well… the transponder keys of today have made things feel so much safer and more efficient, though they are often taken for granted.

Transponder keys work as ignition keys for your automobile and make getting in and out of your car very easy by unlocking the doors like a remote. You can activate and deactivate your car alarm, open your trunk remotely, and some can even start your car remotely. Now that is efficient, right?

For some vehicles, laser-cut transponder key is all-in-one with the fob, also referred to as “sidewinder” keys because of the winding cut feature on the shank. Usually laser-cut keys’ built-in chips have to be programmed by the dealership. There are also switchblade keys which fold into the fob. Similar to a switchblade knife, you pop it out by pressing a button. One advantage to this type of key is that its components can be bought separately if one isn’t working, but if it’s lost or stolen the entire key still needs to be replaced and reprogrammed.

Transponder Key Not Working
This could be as simple as your car not starting when turning the key, or your car begins to take longer to start as time passes. This could indicate that your transponder chip key is reaching the end of its life, and a new one will need to be cut.

First, make sure to take a look at the dashboard lights when attempting to start your car with the key. If the transponder key light stays lit up, then there is a possibility that something is happening with the transponder chip key. Many professionals have recommended trying use of the spare key first.


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