What is the importance of non-trade cement and why should you care?

India, a developing nation, has many infrastructure and construction projects which require a huge amount of cement. Cement is one of India's most consumed raw materials; thus, it is the main ingredient of any foundation. In India, cement is marketed in two mechanisms. They are Trade Cement marketing and Non-Trade Cement marketing.

Trade Cement marketing

Trade Cement marketing is where a cement dealer buys the cement from the company and puts the cement for sale through his retail shop. Under this mechanism, taxes such as VAT and GST are levied, and so in this type of marketing, the Selling price involves shares of dealers, distributors, and retailers. Because of this, a customer pays more than the production cost. Trade cement is more costly than non-trade cement because it involves a share of the dealers.

Non-Trade Cement marketing

Non-Trade Cement marketing is where the cement is purchased directly from the cement factory. The manufacturer sells the cement directly to its customers (Builders, Contractors, Government, etc.). Here no third party is involved. This cement comes directly from the plant and is not for resale purposes.

Importance of Non-Trade Cement 

1. Non-Trade Cement is sold by the manufacturer directly to its customers for their use. These customers can be any Builder, Contractor, NGO, Government, or anyone involved in a major construction project. 

2. Unlike Trade cement, it can be ordered only in bulk.

3. The company directly dispatches material from its factory to the destination of its buyer so that no middlemen are involved.

4. Non-Trade Cement does not have heavy overheads, so it is economical compared to Trade Cement.

5. Under this mode, the company only levies the central sales tax on commodities and provides a form C that is offered to the buyer or a contractor. This is given since he only constructs the projects, delivers them to the owner, and does not have to care for the possession after finishing the project.

The challenge with non-trade cement is that it is ordered in bulk, so you must order it in advance. To conduct the smooth functioning of the construction, they need to be scheduled. You can order the cement in three simple steps. Either visit the website, make a call, or visit the shop. To help you get the best quality, Wonder Cement will be the better alternative for cement dealing purposes. This cement company is connecting bulk cement buyers with manufacturers across the country.

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