What is CoolSculpting and how does it help you improve the contour of your body?

With the imminent arrival of spring, you go crazy looking for the best method to lose gut and volume and that is about to start the operation bikini! There are many who year after year try to make disappear cartridge belts, localized fat and that extra volume that accumulates and you can not eliminate. That's when coolsculpting treatment can take action, a technique that uses the cold to eliminate those localized fat cells that are so difficult to eliminate.


Know what it is?

What is coolsculpting procedure?

Explaining it in a very simple way, CoolSculpting is a technology that uses intense cold in a controlled way to freeze the cells that are to be eliminated. It is only focused those cells that accumulate fat without damaging the surrounding tissue!

How to weight loss - In the weeks following treatment, frozen cells are removed naturally and reabsorbed by the body, but in the form of nutrients! So you will not accumulate fat with them again.

Once the accumulated fat cells are eliminated, the body does not produce them again.

This does not mean that all the cells that accumulate fat are eliminated, but that the number of them decreases considerably. In this way a remarkable loss of volume is achieved, but not of weight!

Coolsculpting does it work & helps you lose volume, but not weight!

It is one of the most important and a basic point that must be taken into account before choosing the CoolSculpting since it is not useful to lose weight! At least, not during the treatment.

Those who try it are more motivated to continue with their diet or lose more weight. Normally you can get to lose up to a localized fat size, but if you lead a healthy and active life you can continue to go down with much more motivation.

How long is the CoolSculpting treatment? How many sessions are necessary?

Each patient has different characteristics. You have to keep that in mind, since you may need more than one session to eliminate the volume you are looking for.

In any case, CoolSculpting sessions usually have a very similar duration that runs around an hour. In it, you may have some slight discomfort at first, but during the rest of the procedure you will see that you have no major problems.

Does CoolSculpting have side effects?

During the procedure you may experience a prick, a little suction or certain moments of discomfort, after all process is freezing the cells!

After the session, you may have some red areas for a while, you may notice some swelling or the area slightly (very slightly) sore.

Rarely often problems occur more often, because before going through the procedure it will make a personalized study of your background, diseases ... to make sure you can try the CoolSculpting!

Although it is a safe technique, it does not mean that it is for everyone because it is not compatible with some diseases that have to do with the coagulation of blood. That is why it is so important to trust the opinion of the best dermatologists!

Article  Source: https://coolsculptingboston.wordpress.com/2019/05/28/what-is-coolsculpting-and-how-does-it-help-you-improve-the-contour-of-your-body/

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