What is Bursitis and how can it be prevented?

Bursitis is an inflammation of what is called a "serous bursa". The serous bursa is kind of malleable bags filled with liquid that are located around the joints, between tendons and bones. They play the double role of cushion and lubricant when the tendons and muscles move on the bones. As a result of excessive exertion, the tendons sometimes thicken or become knotted, which causes the bursae to become frictional and may cause inflammation resulting in Knee Pain Treatment Nj.

Acute Neck Pain

Serous bursas are found in the joints of the knees, elbows, shoulders and wrists, all of which may become bursitis. The most commonly affected joint is the shoulder.

Bursitis can be acute or chronic. The chronic form is sporadic and each episode can last from a few weeks to a few months.

What can cause a burst?

In general, the various factors likely to cause or predispose to bursitis can be grouped into four main causes:

Traumatism or injury

Bursae are rarely affected by muscle stretching. However, an injury that results from a direct impact (for example, a blow) and that causes a deep contusion can be accompanied by inflammation that will cause severe pain and swelling resulting in Elbow Pain Treatment New Jersey. We will then talk about acute bursitis, a short-term disorder that will often resolve without treatment.


Inflammation can also be caused by micro trauma that results from repetitive strain on a joint (such as throwing a bullet) or continued pressure on the purse itself (for example, kneeling). Some forms of bur sites also bear the nickname of the trade they are associated with: the knee of the cleaning staff, the bend of the miner, not to mention the back of the tailor!

Inflammatory arthritis disorder

Some diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis and gout, can cause bursitis, often because of calcium-based crystals that form in the bursae, which causes friction, tearing, and inflammation resulting in Knee Pain Treatment New Jersey.

How to prevent a bursitis?

The only way to prevent chronic bursitis is to minimize the mechanical stress on the joints, which will prevent the micro trauma involved in the appearance of the disorder. Repetitive gestures and kneeling extended stations are the main triggers.

To save the knees, there are knee pads as well as knee and knee supports that can be worn preventively when the work involves staying for a long time squatting or kneeling. To minimize the risk of shoulder bursitis, work surfaces can be lowered or lift platforms can be used to avoid lifting the arms or you have to go through the Back Pain Treatment Nj.

The symptoms of bursitis

As with most musculoskeletal disorders, the first and most important symptom of bursitis is pain. This pain is manifested in the area of ​​the affected joint and is usually aggravated by unusual movements. In some cases, especially when the hip is affected, there will also be a loss of latitude in movement and a feeling of stiffness resulting in Hip Pain Treatment Nj.


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