what is a Microtek solar charge controller?

what is a Microtek solar charge controller?

Microtek solar charge controller:- This is a time when everyone is in trouble with the electricity bill. everyone wants to reduce their electricity bill. So the solar system is a great solution for this. And Ujjawal solar providing you with the best solar charge controller systems in India. Here Ujjawal Solar provides you all products related to Solar. we provide Ujjawal solar panels, luminous solar charge controller, Microtek solar charge controller with installation kits.

We know that In our home normal inverters found basically. but if we want to install solar panels for our homes and shops then solar inverter needed must. In this case, our normal inverter is not able to work with panels so we use a solar charge controller to convert our normal inverter into a solar inverter. It Means, When we use a solar panel and we do not have a solar hybrid inverter, a Microtek solar charge controller needed to charge the battery.

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