What is a Life Force Energy Transmission?

What is a Life Force Energy Transmission?

Many native cultures across time and distance have expressed an awareness and understanding of life force. In China, it is called Chi, in Japanese Qi, in the Indian Ayurvedic System it is known as Prana. Each of these systems acknowledges that life force is what animates matter and is intrinsic to nature, and to life itself. According to The Oxford English Dictionary, life force is defined as: “The force that gives something its vitality or strength,” and “the spirit which animates living creatures; the soul.”

As water flows downhill, so does life force flow from a higher, Divine Source that imbues us with potency, strength, vitality, and adaptability. It is efficient, always active and moving forward pro-actively, and is intimately attuned to the frequency of nature and the earth itself. In fact, we have only to look to nature to see that life force is organized, intelligent, endlessly creative, and so very powerful. Life force is the invisible power that bonds electrons, protons and neutrons in atoms. It is the thread that connects us to the physical body we are living in, and directly reflects our level of health and vitality. Our awareness in every aspect and arena of life is also a direct reflection of the level of our consciousness and the quality of our bond with nature and The Divine.

An Energy Transmission is potentized life force energy that can be harnessed from nature and transmitted to people, animals, plants or land – even inanimate things – for the purpose of transforming, elevating, and maximizing the recipient’s full potential. It has the ability to deepen and strengthen the bond between ourselves and our Source, from which all Grace flows. Miraculously, this can include raising consciousness to new and higher levels so that perception and behavior change as new understanding emerges. It can unfold new areas of talent and gifts that haven’t yet been recognized, and maximize a person’s health, happiness, and innate potential.

Energy Transmissions are a new and emerging science that challenges our current perception of ourselves, each other, and the real nature of the world we live in. Miraculously, it also offers us the opportunity to reconnect with our innate natural blueprint, raise our consciousness, and heal and transform every aspect of our lives.

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