What Experts Suggest On Saving Car Fuel?

What Experts Suggest On Saving Car Fuel?

From electricity bills to rents and car fuels - we are surrounded by expenses. Wouldn't it be a blessing in disguise if your fuel expenses are reduced by 5% to 10% in a month? No, the government is not giving any exemptions on diesel or petrol. Instead, here is a golden piece of advice by automobile experts that will significantly help you reduce car costs.

It All Lies in the Habits and Practices

According to Click It Wheels, if you are a regular driver, it is obvious that your driving habits will impact the fuel costs your car intakes, eventually leading you to pay more or less. This means, that two drivers with the same car brand, same model, and driving same kilometre/day are not likely to pay the same amount at the gas station. It all depends on the habits.

Here are some expert suggested practices on fuel-saving.

  • πŸ‘‰ Avoid Long Idling: Are you sitting in a car with its engine on? The vehicle with a steamed engine is sitting idle on the road - this is the worst habit practiced by regular drivers. Long idling accelerates the consumption of fuel without any purpose. On the contrary, do not shut the engine for a few seconds.
  • πŸ‘‰ Keep the Tires Inflated: Tire gauges are an elixir for regular drivers, especially for uneven terrains. The gauges at your convenience will ensure that the tires have the correct air pressure every time you are on the go. Even the slightest flattened tires will increase the traction, and you will eventually wind up blowing more than the required amount of fuel to reach your location - especially the summer tires.

    For instance, if a driver drives a vehicle with one or more underinflated tires (4-5 psi below the pressure recommended by the manufacturer), the vehicle fuel consumption tends to increase by 10% or more. In fact, it will adversely affect the tire’s tread life in the long run.

  • πŸ‘‰ Do Not Use Too Old or Worn out Tires: As small as it looks, a tire has a big influence on your car's fuel consumption. Experts believe that tires account for up to 20% of your overall car fuel. So, are you still going to risk it by using old and worn-out tires? Click It Wheels recommends you buy the best car tires as per the season, driving habits and roads. Plus, rely on the trusted brands giving the highest road efficiency in tires.
  • πŸ‘‰ Keep Your Vehicle Aerodynamic: While driving on the highway, you are already cutting the flow of the wind. Moreover, in an effort to not use the air conditioner (for fun or to save costs), you open the windows. The practice significantly reduces fuel efficiency. Follow the rules of aerodynamics while driving. To minimize wind drag, keep the car windows up so that wind passes over the car's body and does not enter inside, making the car slow down. An increased aerodynamic drag might increase the fuel consumption (thus costs) by 10%.
  • πŸ‘‰ Avoid Uphill Speed Increase: This might be fun and sporty, but if you are in the mood to save some money for yourself, avoid over-speeding while uphill or on uneven terrain. While in the effort to increase the speed, you are just pushing the vehicle harder by consuming the gas more.

In A Nutshell

Everyone wants to save fuel, but only a few of them know the trick. With the above expert advice, you will surely gain some tricks to reducing your car fuel consumption. For further assistance on the most suitable tires for your car, reach out to Click It Wheels.

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