What do you mean by leg twitching and leg spasms?

Cramps or spasms in the legs are painful contractions of the leg muscles.

A leg twitching and a leg spasms are both involuntary contractions but both are different from each other. A leg twitching is a short contraction that may occur repeatedly whereas the leg spasms is a prolonged contraction and causes long effects and pain.

How can we remove varicose veins?


There are many medical treatments like laser ablation treatment by which we can remove varicose veins. A few other are listed below

  • Sclera therapy
  • Laser treatment
  • laser ablation
  • Procedures assisted by catheter with radiofrequency or laser energy.
  • High ligation and extirpation of veins
  • Ambulatory phlebotomy
  • Endoscopic vein surgery

What is rf ablation treatment? Is rf ablation painful?

It refers to a treatment that is used to remove the varicose veins which are giving pain to the patient from so long. No, the radiofrequency treatment isn’t painful.

A small puncture will be felt when the local anesthetic is injected into the site of access to the vein and during injection of the local anesthetic into the length of the vein.

This area is numbed in a short time. You may feel slight pressure when the catheter is inserted, but it will not be a very big discomfort.

Injecting the local anesthetic around the abnormal vein is the most annoying part of the procedure because it usually requires multiple injections along the vein. The closure of the vein with laser or radiofrequency is usually not painful. Occasionally, some people perceive an odor or taste as something that is burning during the closing of the vein.

You can restart normal activity immediately after sclerotherapy treatment, with the exception of traveling by plane or sitting for a long time (for example, a long car trip). You must remain active and not spend too much time in bed during the recovery period as this increases the possibility of complications of coagulation. However, arduous physical activities should be avoided for a while after the procedure. So, it’s not painful after the treatment also.

Causes of venous insufficiency?

 Some people have more predisposition than others. People suffering from cancer or pregnant women see the risks of getting Venous insufficiency at a high scale. People who suffer from venous insufficiency (nervous system failure) and those who have heart problems (especially those who have a pacemaker) also have more risks than the average.

In addition, factors and situations must be taken into account. A long period of immobility such as a plane ride or prolonged bed rest increases the risks considerably. Venous insufficiency also has its causes in smoking, age and obesity.

What are the different ways for Restless leg treatment?

If you have restless legs syndrome without a related condition, the treatment focuses on changes in lifestyle. If these are not effective, the doctor can prescribe medication.

  • Drugs that increase dopamine in the brain.
  • Medications that affect calcium channels.
  • Opiodes
  • Muscle relaxants and sleeping medications.

 It may take several attempts for you and usa vein clinics doctor to find the right medication or combination of medications that work best for you.

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