What Do you Expect During Equine Therapy?

Equine Therapy is generally used as a team bonding practice, it can be done with family or a group of people. A horse is involved in the therapy to address various kinds of mental issues in humans.  The therapists take help of the horses to cure the patients because horses show intrapersonal behavior like humans. Equine Therapy Sunshine Coast is a goal-oriented therapy that teaches us to work together to achieve a common goal.


What mental issues are treated with Equine Therapy? 

Equine therapy is an appropriate option to treat mental disorders including: 

  • Anxiety, Depression, or Stress.
  • Mental Trauma.
  • If you have behavior issues.
  • A traumatic brain injury. 



 Why Choose Equine Therapy? 

Usually, Equine therapy is designed to deal with human mental disorders by providing a unique way to get appropriate solutions to their mental problems.  The therapy should be always administered by a certified professional who is specialized in equine therapy and traditional training in the mental health field. If you are wishing to get the therapy, you can contact Equine Therapy Australia.


Equine therapy is also known as Horse Therapy Sunshine Coast. The therapist helps individuals uniquely allowing the interaction between the horse and the client.  The conversation between a horse and the client helps unblock emotions so that the emotions can be processed and healed.  You can take the therapy at equine therapy QLD. 


The main benefits of Equine Therapy Courses: 

  • Build-up Trust.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Improves social and emotional skills.
  • Constructs problem-solving skills.
  • Improves communication skills.
  • Maintain better Impulse control.
  • Self-acceptance. 

You can get these benefits from equine therapy Queensland.


Types of Equine Therapy: 

There are several types of Equine Therapy that help reduce stress and anxiety with advanced and unique techniques. Some of the Equine Therapy Courses are enlisted below:


Cognitive Therapy: 

Mainly this type of therapy is designed to treat anxiety. Horses are capable of sensing danger and aware of their surroundings. Hence, when they feel the situation is too dangerous for them, they flee away.  The patients suffering from anxiety may feel the changes through deep observation. Also, they can feel comfortable discussing their anxiety issues with the therapist as focusing on the fear of an animal rather than on oneself can reduce their anxiety. During the whole process, the patient will learn to remain calm.


Practical activities: 

When individuals are experiencing severe anxiety, they stop participating in challenging physical activities that are out of their comfort zone. This therapy allows patients to choose an activity that may be new for them. The therapist always is with them to talk about the thought process and feelings going on in their minds during these activities.  The activities may involve ongoing, bathing, and feeding the horses that allow the patient to coordinate, plan and communicate with them.


According to a conducted research, it has been found that  humans have a built-in approach to observe animals and nature. The study says the more humans start understanding other animals the more they value both other creatures and themselves.

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