What Do I Do Now - Testimony Books

What Do I Do Now - Testimony Books

1. Get a Bible, and read it every day. (Start in the New Testament.)

2. Find a church, and attend every time the doors are open.

3. Attend Bible studies and other Christ-centered meetings.

4. Pray every day – morning, noon, and night.

5. Tell people what Jesus has done for you.

6. Write out your Real Life Story, your testimony, and give it to people.

7. Make a public profession of your faith by being baptized in water.

8. Shout. Yes, Shout! Friend, you have something to shout about. You’ve been set free. Death cannot hold you, and Hell can’t have you. You belong to God. No matter what happens in this life, as long as you continue to walk with Him, you will be with Him in Heaven.


Church Outreach


Every member in every local church has a real life story (a Testimony Books). One of the most effective ways to teach Christians how to share their faith is to get them to write out their testimony (Real Life Stories) and share it as part of their everyday lifestyle. Step By Step Ministry worldwide award winning evangelism teachings are available on DVD and cover the topic of sharing your testimony plus many, many more effective ways to witness.


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