What are the vital cancer risk factors human being can experience?

Cancer was one of the deadliest diseases which was hardly been cured. However, the medical science has become quite improved. As a result, cancer caught at the early stage or stage 2 can be curable. But, it is equally important to know about the CancerRisk Factors. Apparently it is hardly possible to know the actual cause of cancer in an individual once he or she is affected with it. But, the research has brought several risk factors in front of us due to which an individual can get cancer. Some workers working in factories among harmful chemicals can get cancer. The aging procedure and family history can be the risk factors of cancer.

Studies on cancer risk factors                                                                           

Several studies have been conducted where it was also proved that cause of cancer can be behaviour of a substance. Some of the examples of the same area – the true risk factor might not be something that was suspected, Also the findings would be the outcome of a chance. There are much different kind of such findings which have achieved attention in the media. However, people get the wrong ideas about the mechanism of spreading cancer. These are known as some common cancer myths and misconceptions.

Top cancer risk factors

·         Age

Research has found out bigger risk factors of cancer among the individuals who are aging. Normally, people within the age range of 65- 74 years have higher chance of having cancer. Again there are some categories of cancer which are affected to people with several ages. For example women within 60-62 years of age can suffer from breast cancer. Lung cancer is seen in people aging 70 years. There are risks of colorectal cancer in people of 68 years of age.

·         Alcohol

If you are consuming alcohol recklessly there is a good chance that you will develop cancer in your throat, mouth, liver, oesophagus, etc. Moreover the risk will increase many fold among the individuals who have been consuming alcohol along with tobacco.

·         Chronic inflammation

Our body include many mechanisms that help to fight with diseases and any abnormal body conditions to get back to its normal state. Inflammation is one among such physiological response in your body that helps the injured tissues to heal. But, chronic inflammation happens when there is no injury. This takes place due to abnormal immune reactions to the normal tissues. Research have found out that people constantly having anti inflammatory medicines can develop the high risk of cancer.

·         Radiations

Radiations include the rays that include certain wavelength. These are known as ionizing radiations. These have the potential to damage DNA in your body and cause cancer. The rays which generally affect human body and cause cancer are gamma rays, radon, x- rays, etc.

Other cancer risk factors include hormones, diet, infectious agents, obesity, sunlight, immune suppressant etc. It is always important to go ahead with proper medications right at the starting stage. But, it is very hard for an individual to realise the symptoms of cancer at early stage. Thus, regular thorough check-up once in 3 months is a must.

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