What are the treatments available for cervical factor

What are the treatments available for cervical factor

The cervical factor infertility treatment in Hyderabad is essentially the poor PCOS treatment in Hyderabad. But, good or poor post-coital test standards are not well defined. In many fertility centres in Hyderabad, the fertility specialists find out some significant cervical factor treatment. Because of the effective treatment, Motherhood fertility centre is now becoming the best fertility centre in Hyderabad.   


Before the cervical infertility treatment, it appears that the presence of less than five active sperm is accompanied by a comparative decrease in the fertility power and this level can be taken as a symptom of poor post cotial test. That’s why it is advisable to do the best PCOS treatment in Hyderabad in Motherhood fertility centre. 

Primarily, the poor post-coital test requires a careful review of Semen Analysis test in Hyderabad. Inappropriate quality of semen is one of the most common causes of poor post-coital test and probably the most overlooked. Not only is it the count, but also the motility as well as longevity of the matter of the sperm.  

Secondarily, before finding out the reason for the poor post-coital test to a hostile cervix, the post-coital test doctors must be sure that the post-coital test was carried out at the time of the preovulatory period. This can be confirmed only by expecting the onset date of the next menstrual period and then investigating the temperature of the basal body. So, in case the quality of semen is good, the post-coital test was carried out at the time of preovulatory period and if the result of an immune system study and mycoplasma culture is negative, then one should go to the cervical factor infertility clinic for proper treatment. 


Stenosis is another cause occurred by overzealous cauterization of the endocervical canal. Commonly it is of congenital origin. In the fertility hospital in Hyderabad, the iatrogenic type, the actual cause is because of more to the destruction of the endocervical gland resulting in inadequate mucus, rather than to narrow the passageway itself.  In case menstruation occurs, it is tough to conclude that the path of the small sperm, which can be aided by widening the path, but dilation of the stenosed cervix appears to be very much helpful. 

The dilation process should be done first under anesthesia, incident to laparoscopy or D & C and after that once dilated, the enlargement can be maintained by two or three preovulatory dilations under the paracervical block in the IVF centre in Hyderabad. Low level of estrogen can be introduced to the dry cervix with the expectation that not all glands have been destroyed and those remaining glands will respond back with increased mucus secretion. When all these attempts fail, go for IUI treatment in Hyderabad


 This types of issues most responsive therapy, where there is insufficient preovulatory mucus production caused neither by over cauterization nor by dangerous infection. Although the actual causes are unknown, often there is a good response to the low level of estrogen.  

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