What are the tips to Prevent Carpet Stains?

What are the tips to Prevent Carpet Stains?

Carpet is the most expensive investment that also requires proper attention. Wool carpets can be the best purchase that can enhance the appearance of the house. It is cozy and soft too. These carpets are available are in vast variety and are a good option.

 Nevertheless, wool carpets are made of lanolin that naturally helps to remove the dust mites and remove the stains. Moreover, the cleaning of the carpet is very important to maintain the quality and fabric of it. The look and fabric can be affected by the pet, dust particles, water, etc.  

 If you are planning to clean your filthy carpet at home then you must read the below tips that can further help you in cleaning. Also, you can take the help of professional carpet cleaners in Sydney.


 Tips to clean your Carpet At Home

 Want to clean your carpet on your own then you must go through the below tips that can help you in the cleaning of your Carpet.

 1.       Remove the Soil from your carpet

 To remove the dirt, dust from your carpet, you can take your carpet outside the house and then hang it and beat it with a hard stick so that it can remove most of the particles.

 2.       Vacuum Cleaning of the Carpet

 Vacuuming the carpet is one of the most effective to eliminate debris and dirt.

 3.      Mix detergent solvent in water

 Now, in a bucket of water add 1-2 spoon of mild detergent and mix it with cold water.

 4.       Run Smoothly

 With the help of the sponge, you can apply the solution gently to the stained area and scrub it. Do not clean vigorously as it can affect the fabric of the carpet. Do not saturate the carpet because the fibers of the carpet are permeable and can take a long to get dry.

 5.       Clean the carpet and blot the damp area

 Now use the sponge of clean water to rinse the stained areas. After it use the clean towel to clean the carpet to remove the excess moisture. You can clean it till the exterior area of the carpet does not get completely clean.

 6.       Dry the Carpet

 The last thing that you have to do is just to hang the carpet outside so that it gets properly dry and you can use it.

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