What are the strep throat symptoms? Know how to diagnose and treat

What are the strep throat symptoms? Know how to diagnose and treat

The strep throat is a condition that happens to the individual when there is a bacterial infection. Affected areas of this physical health issue are the throat and tonsils. In authentic medical term this diseases is known as streptococcal Pharyngitis. We Are going to have a look at the strep throat symptoms in this article. People get cold attack at the initial stage. The symptoms of the common cold such as sneeze; cough etc can be converted into strep throat. The common people with no knowledge on the medical terms won’t be able to differentiate between the simple cold attack and the strep throat problem. Only when you approach a physician, he will be able to give you a clear idea.

The symptoms of strep throat

Ø  Pain in throat when you are trying to swallow.

Ø  Small red and white dots over the palate of the mouth

Ø  Getting tenderness and swollen nodes right at the lymph of the neck

Ø  rashes in the body

Ø  whole body ache

Ø  severe headache

Ø  nausea and vomiting tendency

Ø  Fever in the body over 101 degree

Ø  Redness and swollen tonsils.

These are very common and general strep throat symptoms. If you wish to know more about it in details consulting the physician will be an important consideration.

What causes strep throat?

The major cause of strep throat is none other than the effect of streptococcus pyogenes. This is a bacteria that is contagious in nature. The spread of the bacterial infection, from one person to another, takes place through the air. This is very common when one person with the problem of strep throat sneezes and or coughs. Also, the cause of strep throat takes place when the particular disease affected individual share food among people. The common surfaces such as doorknobs or table tops where the bacteria are already present have the chance of having the strep throat.

How is strep throat diagnosed?

If you are affected with the problem of strep throat, diagnosing the same is really important before it becomes too late. There are several types of tests that doctor will suggest for the same. Following are some of them:

Ø  Rapid antigen test- This is the test where the swab of an individual is taken and then sent to laboratory for tests.

Ø  Throat culture- In this process a swab is taken from the throat back and tonsil The process will not cause you pain but you have a feel of gaggling or tickling.

Ø  Rapid DNA test- Here the simple DNA test procedure is followed to find out the infected bacterium.

Treatment of strep throat

If you go to a medical practitioner he will always suggest you the dosage of antibiotics. This will help you get relief from the  strepthroat symptoms in a fast pace. Also, there are some lifestyle changes which the doctors will suggest during the strep throat. Smoking is strictly prohibited. Also, you should not drink hot drinks or water as this might create more tenderness and redness.

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