What are the main challenges of load testing?

What are the main challenges of load testing?

Load testing plays a crucial role in evaluating the system or application’s performance under intense workload conditions. It is generally carried out at the final stages of the software development process. There is no denying the fact that there are several tests conducted to determine the application’s or system’s quality, functionality and performance. Of these, load testing is also one of the key testing methods that determine the performance of a system or application under varying workload conditions. There may be scenarios where certain challenges may arise out of conducting load testing. In this article, you will get to know the main challenges of load testing. 


What is load testing?

It is a testing method where the performance of a software product or application is ascertained under real-time based load conditions. The application’s behavior is ascertained by load testing when multiple users are using the application at the same time. It is carried out for both extreme and normal load conditions. Load testing tools can be used to enhance the effectiveness of load testing. 

Objectives of load testing:

  • The operating capacity of the software application is maximized 

  • The latest infrastructure is ascertained to know whether it is capable of running the software application or not

  • The application’s sustainability is determined concerning extreme user load

  • The application’s scalability is ascertained 

  • The application should be accessed by more number of users.

The following are the challenges of load testing:

1. Budget and time constraints: A considerable amount of time and cost are required to conduct load testing. Lack of knowledge and lack of devotion at the planning phase causes issues with time and cost as they are not properly allocated. This makes it necessary to select open-source tools, depend on low-skilled testers and reduce the test scope, which in turn increases the project risk. A certain level of risk is involved in certain projects, but, the issue comes when the risk is mitigated or misunderstood somehow.

There are specialized software testing service providers that can provide a clear roadmap detailing the cost and time involved to conduct load testing for a specific project.

2. Wrong tools are being selected: The tool is selected based on the skills and expertise of the load tester, project scope, licensing cost and the organization’s standards. A short proof of concept can be used to easily fix this issue and ensure that the tools are aligned with the project scope, budget and tester’s expertise. 

3. Inappropriate approach towards testing: There are scenarios where the senior project stakeholders lack in setting up a proper approach towards testing. The risk related to load issues is difficult to recognize. Though the risk may be lower, there is a possibility that the impact of a load issue can be higher. 

There will be scenarios where the whole system might get impacted and hundreds and thousands of users may not be able to perform their tasks properly. Stakeholders and the concerned teams should put in strategic efforts to come up with decisions that can solve these issues   

4. The project lifecycle: Load testing is generally carried out at the final stages of the software development process. The following are the two reasons that provide an explanation:

4.1: The application’s functionality should work as expected before it is load tested

4.2: HTTP traffic that is dependent on a stable build is recorded by traditional load testing tools as the scripts that are generated are considered to be fragile.          

Conclusion: If you are looking forward to implementing load testing for your specific project then do get connected with a reputed software testing services company that will provide you with specific testing solutions that are in line with your project specific requirements.

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