What are the common causes of solar damage and how to repair it?

While fossil fuels are conventional measures nearing their demise. Along with this, solar panel providers continuously invent various ways to develop panel durability. Although, there are inevitable factors that cause solar panel damage. How can solar repair prevent damages? And what type of damage is considered as expert solar repair and maintenance needs.

In this article, you can see the causes of damaged solar panels and how to repair them.

Falling large object or Falling on the solar panel

It’s difficult to escape large objects that might fall on your panels like tree branches, construction debris, etc. Yet you can’t predict your panel may harm from small or large debris hitting your panel. The one thing that is necessary to keep in mind that harmful is not good. The small debris can also hit your panels and scratch them. However, falling debris of any size, if left unattended, will eventually lead to an energy level decrease will eventually lead to energy efficiency loss.

Falling Thunderbolts or Lightning strikes on the solar panel

When a thunderstorm, thunderbolts, or lightning strikes are hits on your solar panel. This time, you won’t only get downtime but also get total; panel destruction.

If you own a solar farm and want more productivity then you should invest in lightning protection or a guard system from protecting thunderstorms. A protection or guard system consists of:

  • Surge Protection Device (SPD) system

  • Installed grounding system

  • A structural lightning protection system


Save solar panel from climate changes like Snow, compression, and rain

Climate changes may affect solar panels. Climate changes like snow, condensation, rain can damage solar panels.

Rain Panels can resist reduced rainfall or even storms. However, the racking and anchors have to resist strong winds, they need to be flexible.

Snow. If heavy snowfall sets on your solar panel system, you should remove them immediately. Low-angle rooftops covered in ice accumulate snow easily.

Condensation. Most solar panels have no effect on condensation. You just have to ensure the buildup will not trickle into your loft or reach the electrical wirings.

High Temperature can affect solar panel

It sounds contradictory but solar panels cannot handle extreme heat. This may lead to overheating and solar panel damage.

Although panels are tested to resist heat during manufacturing, they can still overheat.

You can prevent this from happening. You can add a ventilation system like fans. Although, you shouldn’t cool it down by throwing it with water while it’s scorching.

A fire can destroy your all solar panel system

The fire quill destroys your solar panel system totally. You have to make sure to protect the wirings well, contact solar repair and maintenance near me. If you have kids or pets, ensure that they can’t go near a solar panel.

Isolate your wirings by fencing them. If you’re about to install a solar panel system, ascertain that the installation will not be a hasty one.

Lastly, these factors are not inevitable or manageable without solar repair companies near me. What’s truly crucial is you prepare for them.

Article source:- https://solarrepaircompany.mystrikingly.com/blog/what-are-the-common-causes-of-solar-damage-and-how-to-repair-it

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