What Are Mood Ring Colors?

What Are Mood Ring Colors?

Mood rings are novelty rings that were invented and popularized in the 1970s that are supposed to change color as per the wearer's emotions or mood. The mood ring was invented 30 years ago but still it attracts interest of many people. Till date, several people are still amazed at this unique and very interesting invention. Its incorporation into jewelry has made it even more popular and unique. This ring is basically a finger ring that changes its color according to an individual’s emotional state of mind. Mood Ring Colors interpretation should not be taken as accurate and absolutely reliable reading of one’s mood. It is an interesting thing that should be taken in a light-hearted manner or in a funny way.

Can there be any mood ring that changes its color automatically according to one’s state of mind? How is that possible? Is it something divine? No there is no magic, no astrology involves but a simple science works behind this interesting modification of color by itself.

A mood ring or any lifeless object on earth cannot really indicate or portray any human’s state of mind or anyone’s mood. The stones do change color in response to temperature of the body. When we get angry or tensed or scared, adrenaline rush inside our body starts preparing our body by heating it up. This body heat makes alteration in the color of the ring and the resulting color is believed to denote a certain state of human emotions.

This jewelry is designed with a heat sensitive stone in it. The stone is made of thermo tropic liquid crystals. Thy being sensitive to heat and due to their high sensitivity to even body heat, they are witnessed changing their positions at the slightest rise of temperature in the body of the wearer.  When the body stays cool, which means we are relaxed and at peace the heat gets minimized and so the result too alters.

As they change their structure due to heat, they absorb and reflect light at different wavelengths hence the color alters of the mood ring color chart. Accurately pin-pointing the actual mood of a person at any given time cannot be ever done by the ring.

There are 9 different mood ring colors like Black; White; Gray; Green; Blue; Purple; Red; Yellow and Brown.  When the ring is not worn it stays black by default. If however it shows black even when being worn by a person it suggests that the person is tired; tensed’ stressed etc.

If the ring color is White- it means she/he is confused; Bored or Frustrated

If the ring color is Gray- it means she/he is anxious; scared; sad or exhausted.

If the ring color is Green-it means relaxed; peaceful; mixed feeling.

If the ring color is Blue-it means love; romantic feelings; passionate; intense moods

If the ring color is Purple- means satisfied; love; happiness

If the ring color is Red-means terror; anger; adventurous; devlish; fear

If the ring color is Yellow-means poetic mood; imaginative.

If the ring is Brown- means jittery, aggravated; stressed


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