Voopoo Drag 2 Set With Uforce T2 Review

Voopoo Drag 2 Set With Uforce T2 Review

The much-anticipated successor to the Voopoo Drag has finally arrived, the Voopoo Drag 2! Will it be a worthwhile update to the extremely popular Voopoo Drag?

Starting off, the Drag 2 aesthetics and operations perform very much like the original Voopoo Drag, with some welcome improvements. These improvements, while small, take the Drag 2 to the next level without ruining what we loved about the original Drag. The Drag 2 has updated resin body color options, improved magnetic battery door, protective screen lens, updated chip set, increased wattage, smaller profile and a better hand feel.
Other improvements include a more subdued laser etching on the backside, a smoother, softer finish and a more centered threaded 510 connection. All these small changes add up to a device that is easier on the eyes, more comfortable in the hand, and easier to operate.

We were absolutely blown away by the flavor and performance of the new Uforce T2 Tank. We tested out the tank with the N3 Triple Mesh Coil and Quik Bliss eJuice, a strawberry milk flavor. The strawberry comes through bright, sweet and clean. The milk provides a nice creamy mellowness to it all. If you want some serious next level flavor, this tank is a definite winner.

The Uforce T2 Tank comes with an easy to fill slide-open top, gunmetal finish, mod-matching resin drip tip and bubble glass installed on the tank. Overall a great addition to the Voopoo Drag 2 Mod Set.

The Drag 2 is a market leader in the areas of speed and accuracy, just like the original Drag. Unfortunately, they have kept the lackluster temperature control system from the original Drag. The TC mode limit of 80w seems to underpower most temperature control capable coils. However, with the ability to adjust the TCR, you can compensate for the low wattage decently.

It is worth noting that the temperature control materials (SS, NI, TI) have been consolidated into one mode. When you are scrolling through, to select the desired coil material, press the fire button once. Or you can let the screen time out and it will bring you right back into the wattage mode. The previous Drag required you to click the fire button three times for each temperature control mode. The Drag 2 has greatly improved upon this eye watering menu mis-function of its predecessor.

To get a better temperature control style vape, let us change our focus from the TC mode to the Curve feature in the wattage mode. The curve mode, just like in the original Drag, allows you to change your wattage for every half second of every puff. To start, set the wattage higher for the first half second to act as a coil preheat, then for the second half second set the wattage to just above your desired wattage and then continue to drop the wattage each half second until the desired wattage or vape experience is achieved. This set up will start the draw out strong and taper off to give you a consistent vape. The Curve feature is also available with Temperature Control.

Onward to the easier FIT mode features. FIT mode 1 functions as a battery saver mode. It is good for when you need to stretch the battery charge a little bit. It does feel underpowered and may not be the best choice for the higher-powered coils. Mode 2 is the flavor mode, which ramps the power up slowly. Again, your mileage and experience may vary depending on your coil selection. Mode 3 is the “cloud” mode and is relatively self-explanatory. The FIT modes provide a cleverly easy setup for both beginners and advanced users alike.

And now let’s talk about the subtler things. The battery bay in the Drag 2 appears to be made of a better-quality plastic than the previous Drag and should hold up better to normal wear and tear. The battery door now sits atop the device rather than being recessed. The battery door magnets also appear to be of a higher quality. The battery door is easier to get on and off but does have a little wiggle to it. This may be a positive if you like to fidget. The tinted lens over the screen gives a nicer look and adds a little depth to the display. The downside would be a slightly dimmer display, but that may also be a plus if brightly lit displays are an annoyance to you. You can also set the screen to its maximum brightness by using the Voopoo Software on your computer. While a few hard corners do exist on the new Drag 2, it is a significant improvement over the hard-cornered Drag.
And now back to the original question. Is the new Voopoo Drag 2 with Uforce T2 Tank worth the consideration of upgrading? Judging by our customer and staff responses, the answer is a resounding “Yes”! The Drag 2 is a clear winner in every way while remaining true to its roots.

You can find the Drag 2 Starter Set and more on our website at www.vaporleaf.com

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