Visit Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village In Warrnambool, Victoria

What Is Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village?

The Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village is one of the best museums in Warrnambool that highlights the impact of the Victoria coastline. Today, the museum is above stunning Victoria beaches and is one of many thriving southeastern tourist attractions. Walk down the historical artifacts and journals recounting the past, filled with sailors attempting to create a future for their families while acknowledging the high risks. Every sunrise asks the question, will the ships return, or would another crew fall to the southern galls? To this day, several Victoria shipwrecks are still unfound. 

Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village is above the shipwreck coastline, giving distance to the tragic events of the past, and creating a platform to celebrate a bright future. Today, it's a fun and family-focused activity that brings history to life through a daily light show and tactile replicas of the village. After the museum, walk along Discovery Coast and connect to the history of sacrifice, honor, and success.