Venous Insufficiency: How To Get Rid OF Vein Diseases?

Venous insufficiency is an issue that happens when the blood is unable to reach to the heart from the legs and other body parts. This happens when veins are insufficient or incapable of working the way they are allocated to. Why does it happen? Well, with the increasing amount of stagnancy and inactive life, people often get hostile to venous insufficiencies. Other factors that are supposed to be the reason include pregnancy, family history of venous diseases or relevant sickness, obesity, blood clot, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, muscle weakness, swelling & inflammation in the legs, and so forth.

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Function of veins

Veins function to send back the deoxygenated blood from the body parts to the heart. In doing so, veins work against gravity, which means they are required to make extra efforts to be able to move the blood. With age and time, our veins become weak. Apart from that, an inactive life leads to more pressure on the veins, which in turn makes them weak and vulnerable. This causes vein walls to enlarge and stretch due to which blood starts pooling in the legs, leading to Vein Disease.

What are varicose veins?

When veins are insufficient to carry out the functions portended, they often become weak, fragile, and vulnerable. The flow of the blood is blocked, and the blood may go back to the legs, leading to pooling. Varicose veins are inflamed and enlarged swollen veins due to excessive blood pooling and clotting.

Vein Treatment

Vein disease is no more a buzzword. Though, earlier surgery was the only option to get rid of vein diseases. But with the advancement in medical science and treatment procedures, there are numerous non-invasive and non-surgical options for the treatment of veins. The use of Laser and UV light has made it easier to detect and alleviate impacted veins and to precisely eliminate them without undergoing any surgery.

There are various treatments for venous insufficiencies. It is your Vein Specialist who decides which one is suitable for your specific condition depending upon the diagnosis, evaluation, and a series of questions about the family history of diseases.

We have outlined a few convenient and non-invasive procedures that Vein Clinics of America are currently emphasizing on!

  1. Compression Stockings: The most common procedure that vein specialists follow for thin and lightweight varicose and spider veins is Compression Stockings. All the other treatments are advised only when the case is serious and chronic. The use of stocking and compression hose helps the blood to flow to and fro conveniently.
  1. Sclerotherapy: It is one of the most preferred procedures among both specialists and individuals for varicose and spider veins. The procedures involve the usage of a chemical solution called Sclerosant, being injected into the impacted veins through a small incision. When the process is completed, the affected veins are sealed shut and the blood flows through healthy veins.
  1. Laser Ablation: Another most popular procedure that is being used currently is the use of laser light to heat up the impacted veins and seal them shut so that the blood can travel through healthy veins. The procedure utilizes the use of UV light to direct and select the impacted veins and using a laser heat to destroy them.

If you are looking for treatment for venous insufficiencies, reach out to Vein Treatment Clinic. We are one of the most advanced Vein Clinics of America facilitating clients with the best and latest treatments to help them lead a life free of vein diseases.

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