Various Remedies for Heartburn

Various Remedies for Heartburn

Heartburn is a painful burning sensation in the chest behind the breastbone. It has become one of the common diseases that people are suffering in recent times. Heartburn is caused by gastric juice which flows back in the opposite direction.

The food passes in the food pipe unidirectionally via peristaltic movement. It means the food will go from mouth via esophagus, gastric, small intestine, large intestine, rectum and then it is excreted out. There are sphincters, or in simple words valve in place which prevents backflow of the foods. These sphincters make sure that, the food is going only in the direction it should and not in the direction via which it just came from.

But due to different reasons, the efficiency of these valves starts to decrease and they fail in reverse flow of the foods back into the section through which it came. This backflow of the food along with the acid is the reason for heartburn.

Heartburn generally starts with the upper end of the abdomen and then radiates back to the chest. It’s a bit difficult to diagnose heartburn without proper medical test as many heart diseases also have the same symptoms where the pain or the burning sensation will be behind the sternum or the breastbone. Heartburn also causes nausea and sometimes a cough. The condition and intensity of the burning or the pain are elevated after eating a heavy meal. The position of the body also matters in terms of heartburn. For example, if the person is in the bent down position or he is laying on his back, the pain/burn will be of greater intensity.

One can take the over the counter medicine in order to get relief from the heartburn. But if it is happening rather frequently, then one should certainly go to a doctor and have a checkup. In mild cases, there are two common remedies that you can take to get relief from heartburn.

1.      Acid Reflux Recipes

The Acid reflux recipes Diet is perhaps one of the best ways to keep heartburn in control if not eradicating completely. In case of heartburn, what we eat, how much we eat influences the gravity of the situation to a greater deal. If you have uncontrolled diet, you will have frequent acid reflux as the unhealthy foods will yield more acids and thus there will be a greater probability of acid reflux.

There are various sites where you can get information about the acid reflux recipes. For example, in RefluxMD, there are there are recipes which you can incorporate in your diet whereby you won’t need to give up any food habits yet, you can also get relief from heartburn.

2.      Acid Reflux Surgery

But there will be cases in which, the heartburn will become so grave that medication and diet will fail to improve the health in every other way. In those cases, an acid reflux surgery may help. Heartburn in severe condition may cause inflammation of the esophagus, and bleeding or ulcer may appear. Surgery could remove these but it should be considered as the last option since there are both pros and cons leading to it.

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