Understanding the Role of the Integrated Cargo System in Export Clearance

Understanding the Role of the Integrated Cargo System in Export Clearance

The Australian Border Force (ABF), earlier known as the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service, operates en electronic export clearance and reporting system known as the Integrated Cargo System (ICS). The system not only plays an important role in the operations supervised by the ABF but also is of great importance for the other agencies of the Australian Government. In addition, it offers benefits to the exporters who wish to export goods from Australia to other countries. Here you will earn about some of the most important roles of the ICS.

Accepting Export Declarations Electronically

The ICS allows the exporters from Australia to submit their export declarations with utmost convenience through the internet. If you are an exporter, you need to submit a declaration providing important details about the goods you are planning to export. Rather than doing it manually, you can do it electronically through the ICS. For this, you would need a software to interact with the ICS. After the system verifies and validates the details, it generates an export declaration number (EDN) which is an important entity without which nothing can be shipped from the country.

Monitoring Export Activities

One of the vital roles of the ICS is to keep a check on the possibilities of exporting high-risk goods and prohibited goods from Australia. The ABF maintains detailed lists and guides that provide information on which goods can’t be exported outside the country. Also, there are certain categories of prohibited goods that can be allowed for export only after the required documents are presented. The ICS monitors whether these requirements are fulfilled or not at the very initial stage.

Automating Export Reporting

The ABF is required to report the Australian government as well as industry bodies about the nature and volume of export that happens in a year or over a certain period of time. The ICS fully automates the process to ensure that the reports are available in a timely fashion to all the concerned parties.

The ICS reduces the traditional paper-based permits and reports and makes the export clearance extremely fast. The system is currently used by the majority of exporters to obtain EDN quickly and enjoy on-time shipping of export consignments. 


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