Understanding Chemical Storage Best Practices

Understanding Chemical Storage Best Practices

Depending on the chemical you’re storing, various best practices would/should apply. No matter what kind of chemical you’re dealing with, however, the floor is never a good place to store chemicals – not even temporarily. You should, at all costs, avoid storing chemicals on the floor. Rather, eye level is the appropriate place to at least begin discussing chemical storage. But no higher than that! Storing chemicals higher than eye level means you must reach up for them, which is never recommended.

Shelves are undoubtedly one of the best places in which to store chemicals, or sometimes in an enclosed cabinet. If you’re using shelves, the assemblies must be securely fastened to the wall to avoid tipping over. For chemical storage within large, customized containers, these containers can and should be treated with a thermal sprayed application to avoid the corrosive properties of a chemical eating through the container. Later, we’ll tell you the best place for these types of thermal sprayed applications.

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