Umling La

A Pass in Ladakh locale of Jammu and Kashmir, India at a height of 19,000 Feet. It is one of the most elevated motorable streets on the planet. This pass is visited by huge number of experience lovers. The temperature stays low consistently. Umling La Top associates two towns as Chisumle and Demchok which are extremely near India-China fringe in eastern area.

The region around the Umling La Pass is incredibly infertile land. Best time for heading out to Umling La Pass is during the long stretch of June to September.

There are a few courses through which explorers can reach to Umling La:

Alternative 1: Fukche-Koyul-Demchok-Umling La: Fukche is one of most lovely courses in whole Ladakh and drive from Fukche post to Demchok, a town will dumbfound you. The daylight falling on vivid mountain dividers looks stunning.

Alternative 2: Hanle-Photi La-Umling La: One of the most favored course of all. Starts from Leh to Photi la by means of Hanle. Hanle is well known for its observatory. Hanle is one of only a handful places in India where you can see Milky Way Galactic Center in its full greatness.

Alternative 3: Hanle-Ukdungle-Umling La: This course takes you straightforwardly to second water crossing without intersecting first extension.

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