Types of Technical Interview Questions

The Technical interview is given by the person who are looking for the technical position. It would notgenerally get you the job but surely it will get you the eliminated if you do not demonstrate the level of the knowledge which is necessary for the position. All the professions have aspects which can be considered as technical especially when there is a certification required in the field. These certifications thrive in many different professions such as in information technology, in project management and even in the areas like public relations and the human resources. Any of these kindof fields could possibly needed a technical interview.

There are many different kind of Technical Interview Questions which you can practice on a daily basis and can step forward towards your dream job. Let’s try to know about those interview question closely.

  • Algorithm Interview Questions - Algorithms are kind of a big part of the coding interviews, especially at the big tech companies. In your interview you should be aware of few algorithm such asBrute Force, Greedy algorithm, Dynamic programming, Divide and conquer, Sorting and searching algorithms and the Graph algorithms.
  • Array Interview Questions - An array is one of the most fundamental data structure, which helps to stores the elements at a contiguous memory location. It is also one of the most asking topics of the interviewers and definitely you are going to hear a lot of the questions about an array in any coding interview. The way to solve an array based questions is by having a proper knowledge of array data structure and also about a basic programming constructors like loop, fundamental operators and recursion.
  • Linkedlist Interview QuestionsA linked list is another common data structure which complements the array data structure. Similar to the array data structure, it is also a kind of linear data structure andstores the elements in a linear fashion.A linked list is the list of the nodes where each of the node contains the value which is stored and the address of the next node.In order to solve the linked list based questions, a good knowledge related to the recursion is very important, because it is a recursive data structure.
  • String Interview Questions - Along with the array and a linked list data structures, a string is also another populartopic which asks in programming job interviews. String based questions are mandatory to be asked.A very good thing about the string is that if you are aware of the array, you can solve the string-based questions very easily because the strings are nothing but they are a character array. So basically all the techniques which you learn by solving the arraybased coding questions that can be used to solve the string programming questions as well.
  • Tree Interview Questions - Tree data structure is a data structure which allows you to store the data in a hierarchical fashion. Depending upon how you store the data, there are different types of trees like binary tree, where each node has two child nodes. The way to solve tree questions required a strong knowledge of the theory.

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