Tried and tested pest control tips

Tried and tested pest control tips

How to keep the pests from coming into your house

We always keep looking out for different methods to keep our house neat and clean. We do this not just to make it look beautiful but also to keep the pests away. Once the pests get in the house it can get really difficult to take them out. To avoid all such sort of violence, here are some tried and tested tips for pest control at home. As you know pest prevention is always better than going for its treatment, one must always make a point of making their house a pest-free zone. have a look at the tips and follow them next time you go in to clean your place.

Keep the kitchen clean

The kitchen has warmth, food, moisture, and crawl space for the pests to hide and thrive. If you forget to clean it even one day, within an hour you can see some of the annoying pests coming out of their hiding space. Whether it's ants or cockroaches, only by cleaning can you avoid a massive pest infestation in the kitchen?

Next, when you are participating in a cleanliness drive, make sure you start with the kitchen. You can use disinfecting solutions to keep the counters and slabs clean every day whereas, on special occasions, you can use a variety of products for thorough cleaning of this part of the house. Don’t leave any food particles behind and dispose of any expired or stale food off carefully. This will reduce the number of pests invading your house to half.

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You must also take care of cleaning the place after pest control services have done their work.

The bathroom should be kept clean

Pest control often forgets to add tips for bathrooms. As a general rule, the bathroom should be cleaned every day, and deep cleaning should be done twice a week. But most of us are busy with our work and forget to do so.

The bathroom can easily turn into a damp place, attracting quite a lot of different types of germs and pests. It will be good if you can keep them clean and dry always. Use toilet cleaner to clean the closet twice a week. The shower curtains should be treated with bleach to avoid molds and mildews.

Unclog the drains and keep them free from hair or soap particles at all times. Simple, measures can keep your bathroom function properly for a longer period without causing you trouble.

Take care of water puddles

Most pest control services in Noida, find the stagnant water puddles to be the main culprit for the boom in insect growth. Pests like flies and mosquitoes breed in small water puddles and reach out to the houses nearby as convenient. As soon as the monsoon sets in the mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue, chikungunya, malaria starts rearing their ugly heads.

To avoid such as fate ensure that no hole or pits are left uncovered outside, near the property. Any empty vessel or containers should be discarded immediately. The air condition air ducts can also make a small puddle so, eliminate it as well. There should be no place for the water to stay in one place. Regularly empty such containers and find alternative ways to take the water out of the place. This way you won’t be put in harm’s way.

Avoid keeping vegetables and fruits out

When vegetables and fruits are overripe, it is better to discard them properly. They start attracting insects such as mosquitoes, fruit flies, house fly, cockroaches, etc. Keeping the cut fruits in the fridge for a long can also harm. Avoid keeping rotting fruits to make your house less attractive to pests. Pest management company suggests discarding rotten or overripe fruits to avoid larger pest infestation.

Garbage disposal should be done regularly

It goes without saying. The garbage in the trash cans needs proper disposal or don’t complain about the pests invading your privacy.

Proper maintenance of the garden

A Garden is a place where you can find all kinds of living organisms. If you don’t keep them maintained at all times, some of the organisms can find their way to your house.

Start by filling up holes and pits in the garden where water can accumulate. If there is a fountain or pond then make sure to clean it regularly. Before monsoon sets in you need to cut the branches or prune the plants to avoid bushy wild growth. Don’t make a junkyard out of your garden and try to keep it clean and tidy by maintaining the bushes and plants. Don’t allow mosquitoes, ants, termites, and rats to come into your house.

Also, make sure that the mulch is used sparingly or use a better alternative such as crushed stones or pea gravel that will allow the soil to retain moisture.

Install nets on the windows

Leaving the doors and windows for a certain period is important for proper ventilation. But leaving them wide open can make insects and pests come through the opening. Especially mosquitoes, flies, spiders, flying cockroaches, etc. can take this as an invitation and come inside the house. Simple installation of nets can take care of this problem. It will keep the insects and pests out while you enjoy the cool breeze coming from outside.

They won’t cost you much but would make a pretty effective alternative to keeping the windows closed. If the glass of the window is broken you can go for this arrangement without putting pressure on the pocket.

Don’t allow the clutter to accumulate

Having clutter in your home can turn into a thriving place for most pests. Having cardboard, newspapers, useless junks, and other such cluttering items should not be allowed to accumulate, placing them near attached to the wall can invite termites in. The pests can find this to be a very cozy environment and may not want to leave the place. So, avoid cluttering of the place and ensure that the cleanliness of the house is maintained at all times. 

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