Tri panel folders – A tool for effective branding

Is giving presentations trouble-some for you? Do you experience confusion in distributing a lot of information together? If this is so, then tri panel folders are the best option for you. These are unique paper holders that are crafted with engaging designs to get them instantly noticed. Businesses require handy tools for numerous seminars and promotional purposes. Ordinary stationery used does not give the necessary impact required to make a professional statement. On the other hand, customized folders provide a platform to convey corporate messages in an efficient manner while acting as useful advertising tools. These folders are crafted to convey the corporate ideology and brand personality to customers in engaging ways.

These folders provide the most appropriate method of presenting large volumes of documents in one set. The three panels or pockets aid in keeping the paperwork safe and in the original form for longer. They allow ample room for including detailed information about business plans, promotional material, business records, and general corporate information. Businesses find it easier to convey messages to the customers or audience members as the three pockets help to categorize information aptly. It also proves to be a good promotional tool by acting as an attractive and portable billboard for the brand. The distinctively created brand logo increases brand recognition and helps to expand the customer base. Consumers trust brands that they can recall and identify with. Hence, customizing these folders generate curiosity in the brand and its products.

Customize using unique finishing types

These folders can be modified by incorporating foil stamping, embossing, debossing, die-cutting, and using metallic inks. Various coating types like gloss AQ, satin, varnish, spot UV, flood UV can multiply the effect of these folders threefold. Exclusive features such as reinforced panels, vertical pockets, spine, business card slits, brochure slits also help to make these panels look distinctive. Additionally, different gloss and matte laminations make these folders prominent and eye-catching.

These folders are tailor-made to suit every specification and are available at affordable rates to make life easy for you. Sustaining a healthy budget is a tricky task for all businesses. Low-cost promotional tactics like these help to raise profitability levels while keeping costs under control.

Get exclusive services to make life easier

We have over 2 decades of printing reliable and unique tri panel folders. Our in-house team of engineers and graphic designers help you to draft a one-of-a-kind folder that creates elevated branding. Not everyone has the know-how in designing folders. Our expert team guides from start to finish to create a hassle-free ordering experience for you. Free shipping and handling are provided with the shortest production time to ensure that these folders are delivered without taking up much time and costs. Eco-friendly materials are used along with the best cardboard material to provide maximum strength and durability. We utilize a state-of-the-art printing press for the best results. Each folder is printed and supervised individually to ensure that the quality is sustained throughout.

You can contact us anytime through our 24/7 helpline and live chat and our well-trained customer services staff will happily answer all your queries promptly. Our accounts managers efficiently aid in generating the most cost-effective solution for you. We believe in giving 100% customer satisfaction which results in our clients frequently repeating orders. There is no minimum order quantity to cater to every corporate size. Therefore, get excellent customer response for all your promotional activities by using these folders. Get a professional make-over and make customers take a serious interest in your brand. They are also an efficient tool in organizing and preserving office data as these folders can be stacked together saving office space and money.

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