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As we all know, the Pharmaceutical industry is a growing sector in the modern era. In India, There are so many companies which running their business successfully in the pharma industry and earning well. A good ratio of Pharma companies working in Chandigarh region. Because most of the big pharma manufacturing units situated in Baddi ( Himachal Pradesh) and Chandigarh is nearby, so the pharma companies are doing their business in Chandigarh.

Chandigarh is the hub of pharma companies. There is an end number of companies which running their business successfully in the pharma sector and offers business opportunities to other also.  Investment is a big matter for every new startup. If we talk about PCD Pharma Franchise business, it requires low investment for business startup. By low investment, we can run our business.

For a profitable Pharma Franchise, select a reputed Pharma company. A good Pharma company and helpful for business settlement in the competitive market. Innovexia Life sciences is one of the best Pharma company in Chandigarh and offer a wide quality product range and PCD Pharma Franchise business opportunity. Pick your phone and call us at 0172-4660388, +91-9988-880-388 and for more details, mail us at We are happy to help you.

Why link with Chandigarh based Pharma company for Pharma Franchise business?

As earlier we mentioned, Pharma Franchise business is most gross earning business in a new era. Heavy demand for medicines and increasing population is the main reason for opening PCD Pharma Franchise. Chandigarh city is in the one which is nearby to every state like Punjab, Rajasthan, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh etc. and here in Chandigarh, there are multiple pharma companies which offer PCD Pharma Franchise business deal. As the profit margin is high and expenses are less as compared to other region Companies. The main benefit is manufacturing units are also near to the product stock will be easily available for Franchise business. Innovexia Life Sciences is the one company which offer a best business deal in Pharma industry.

Eligibility Criteria to get PCD Pharma Franchise

For starting any kind of business there are certain norms and rules that need to be full filled. In the Pharmaceutical Sector selling drugs without the permission is illegal and for starting the pharma franchise business one must meet few requirements.

To become our member through, PCD Pharmacy Franchise in Rajasthan, the following are the eligibility criteria.

1.      Minimum experience of3- 5 years from a reputed Pharmacy company,

2.      Minimum 3-5 lakhs of investment.

3.      A valid Drug License No. (D.L.) Number and Tax Identification Number (TIN).

4.      Selection through an interview.

Be the part of leading pharma company Innovexia Life Sciences and get the best support and benefit from our end. This is the chance that you cannot miss. Start your successful business with the top pharma company to set up a successful business in the pharmaceutical sector.

Benefits of opening PCD Pharma Franchise business

Selecting PCD Pharma Franchise as a profession is a great business deal. This business is full of opportunities and has a lot of advantages. For a better future select a popular pharma company for Franchise business. Collaborating with the best Pharma company is good for the business future. One can earn a good amount from this business. Here are some benefits and merits of PCD pharma Franchise business-

·       By investing less amount we can run a profitable business

·       This is a genuine and authentic business planning

·       We get free marketing and promotional tools from a pharma company

·       Monopoly rights are given, so there is less competition in the market

·       A great business deal with no admin or set up the cost

Selecting a leading pharma company is good for business, by putting fewer efforts we can run our venture successfully in the competitive market. This all will be worth if we join a good Pharma company


To conclude, we can say for setting up a Pharma Franchise business in Pharma field, is a good business option. Join a Chandigarh based reputed company Innovexia Life Sciences and showcase the business skills on Pharma platform.

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