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OTC medicines are pretty much popular around the world. OTC medicines are those drugs which the general public can consume without health profession prescription. There is a huge demand of over the counter medicine. A person seeking to enter in the Pharmaceutical industry then PCD Pharma Franchise for OTC medicine range is the best availablernoption. These medicines we can found almost in every house, so as per the business point of view Pharma Franchise is the profitable business deal. There are so many companies who deal in OTC medicine Franchise.

DM Pharma is the leading Pharmaceutical company and offering theirrnPCD Pharma Franchise for OTC medicine Range. For further assistance, you canrncontact us at +91 9872554244, +91 9877626706 and for more details, you can mailrnus at

Increased access to OTC medicines is the main reason for high sales. In our nation, there is a huge scope of PCD Pharma franchise business.rnIndia is the second largest country which manufactures pharmaceutical products. OTC medicines can be considered as self-medication, for some little healthrnproblems it is not required to visit a doctor. We can take medicines to curernthe problem.

The market for PCD Pharma Franchise for OTC medicine range

The marker is really wide for OTC medicine range. To meet thatrnexcessive demand PCD Pharma Franchise for OTC medicine range is the bestrnbusiness option. People becoming aware of their health and spending a goodrnamount of healthcare products. Which leads to high sales for medicines. OTCrnmedicines are safe and effective. If a person opens a PCD Pharma Franchise forrnOTC medicine range he/she can earn a good profit and other benefits. The easyrnavailability of OTC without a prescription provides symptomatic relief for anrnestimated 60 million people who otherwise would not seek for medication. Thesernmedicines we can find on shelves in pharmacies, grocery stores, and even in gasrnstations also. These medicines are best for relieving aches, pains, and itchesrnor other problems.

DM Pharmarntrusted company for PCD Pharma Franchise for OTC medicine range

DM Pharma is a well-reputed company exists in the Indian Pharma market and clearly dedicated their work for patient wellness. DM Pharma deals in different medicine segment and offers superior quality medicines. Now they are offering their Pharma franchise for OTC medicine range with unique monopoly rights. So it is a golden opportunity for those who want to enter in the Pharmaceutical sector and wanted to earn good profit. Company’s Manufacture units manufacturer high-quality medicines and introduce in the market after experts tests.Our company has 4 manufacture units.

Our company is a well certified and award-winning company. Joiningrnus for Franchise business is the best deal to work in Pharma sector. Our certifications and awards are

·       WHO Certification

·       GMP Certification

·       GLP Certification 

·       ISO 9001:2008 Accreditation

·       Food Supplement License

·       Non Cnviction Certificate

·       Udyog Patra Award

·       Self Made Industrialists Award

·       Prime Time (Global HealthCare Excellence Award) for Best Pharmaceutical Company

Our quality products make us a leader in the market. Our medicines always get a good response in the market and this is the main reason for the rising of sales. Our Pharma products are

·       Capsules

·       Tablets

·       Oils

·       Ointment

·       Protein Powder

·       Syrups

·       Eye drops  

·       Injections etc.

For our Franchise partners, we offer innovative services whichrnmake them superior in the market. Our product range and promotional support is the best way for marketing and promotion of pharma products.

Our promotional tools include

•       Visual Aid

•       Bags

•       Visiting cards

•       Gift articles

•       Diaries

•       Writing Pads

•       Covers of catch

•       Reminder cards

•       Brochures and product cards, etc.


To sum,rnwe can say PCD Pharma franchise for OTC medicine range is a great business dealrnand it becomes best when we join the renowned company for Franchise business.DM Pharma holds a great position in the market and selecting their PCD PharmarnFranchise business is good for future goals. Interested ones can call us at +919872554244, +91 9877626706 and for more mail us at

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