Top Ayurvedic PCD Franchise Company in India

Top Ayurvedic PCD Franchise Company in India

Bringing you quality range of ayurvedic and herbal medicines is Vee Remedies. Our company is an ISO Certified top Ayurvedic PCD Franchise company in India to bring you effective, sophisticated and qualitative range of medicines. The products have been manufactured under good quality control assessment and procedures that help us get better results for maximum results. We cover different ranges like ayurvedic tablets, herbal uterine tonics, cough syrups etc. We invite people pan India level for PCD pharma franchise business opportunities in ayurvedic herbal products.

With the advancement in technology and introduction of a great number of drug formulations, many people are shifting back to the older Ayurvedic medicines for curing and living a healthy life i.e. a proper balance is maintained between the hormones. Ayurvedic franchise forms to be a good scope for future. Start your own franchise business with Vee Remedies with outstanding herbal franchise range. The company is well- established and highly recommended by pharma professionals.

Vee Remedies – the Best Pharma Franchise Company

Vee remedies are a top leading name in the pharmaceutical industry as a top herbal ayurvedic company in India. The global turnover of the Ayurvedic medicines stands to be approx. 3 lakhs crore and is constantly increasing. Vee Remedies provides you with fine quality Ayurvedic medicines at the most genuine, economical prices. The profitability of this segment is high and one can get a great number of benefits along the way. We are welcoming the ones willing to take the opportunity with open arms.

All the products are manufactured under the best conditions and self owned manufacturing units that are under the supervision of experts. Having our own manufacturing units gives us the advantage of control over the production and quality as per our requirement. We can make changes as per our convenience and are independent. We are a top-notch Ayurvedic range franchise company working at our best to reach out to number of people.

Herbal Ayurvedic Range offered by Vee Remedies

Ayurvedic medicines are used for a number of purposes in the today’s time be it related to a small cut, wound, or serious ailment. With the advancement of technology. Our Ayurvedic medicines are safe, effective. All the products are approved and comply with the industry standards. You can rely on us. Some of the products are mentioned below.

  • Aloe Vera gel with Tree Tea Oil - It is effective on acne, skin infections, and diseases. Apart from effectiveness on various issues it is also helpful in skin lightening, anti-ageing etc.
  • Digestive Enzyme syrup (Sugar-Free) - It is a liquid supplement used to improve digestive metabolism. It works effectively to release the digestive enzymes.
  • Face wash - It includes papaya & Grapes. It helps in killing the dead cells and purifies the skin. The extracts help in the purification of the skin and removal of the dead cells.
  • Herbal cough syrup (with Tulsi & honey) - It includes various herbal ingredients such as tulsi, honey and other natural medical plants recommended by Ayurveda. It is free from impurities.
  • Herbal Liver Tonic - It supports healthy liver and gallbladder function. It is useful in detoxifying, supporting and strengthening the liver. It is also effective in case of digestive issues.
  • Herbal Malt Chocolate Flavor - The herbal Malt chocolate Flavor fills energy and makes one more confident.
  • Herbal Liver Tonic +DS - It is very useful and provides instant relief from liver disorder. It helps in the protection of liver from various ailments & disorders. The production of Herbal Liver Tonics has been performed with adherence to the best quality standards.
  • Memory Tonic (sugar-free) - This memory tonic decreases stress, depression, anxiety and improve memory power. It is produced using the fine resources and the best know-how.

Perks of Choosing Vee Remedies

Vee Remedies is providing you the most effective and efficient products at affordable price. We are continuously involved in the process of innovation and production under the supervision of professionals. We make sure that the franchise holder is supported and guided properly along with it; we provide free monthly promotional schemes too. Features owned by Vee Remedies are as follow:

  • WHO – GMP certified units
  • Best Packaging in order to maintain the quality of the product
  • Strict towards the following of the domestic and international standards
  • Prompt delivery
  • 100% customer satisfied
  • Honest and trusted company

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