Top Attractions To Visit In Philadelphia For 2021

You may not be willing to travel just yet, but soon – with any luck at all – traveling will once again be safe and comfortable. Though you may not frequently hear about them, there are numerous top attractions to visit in Philadelphia. Below, we’ll not only introduce you to a great number of things to do while you’re visiting Philadelphia, we’ll show you one of the best ways to get around town while you’re there.

Seriously? Philadelphia? Yes, it’s true. There are museums, walking tours, parks, tramways, archaeology tours, art tours, movie tours, historical tours, cultural tours, architecture tours, and more. Let’s explore ten of Philadelphia’s top attractions.

Due to the pandemic, some of these attractions are currently closed. Check for availability before planning your trip.

Rodin Museum

You may be familiar with the sculpture entitled “The Thinker”. He lives here, as do over 140 plasters, marbles, bronzes, and more.

The Franklin Institute

When it comes to science education, one of the premier and oldest centers in America is the Franklin Institute. It is named for Benjamin Franklin, thought to be America’s first scientist. Visitors here can experience one-of-a-kind theatrical attractions, ongoing interactive exhibitions, blockbuster exhibits, and more.

Liberty Bell Center

This bell is a lasting symbol of American freedom, even though it can’t actually be rung any longer.

One Liberty Observation Deck

From this one-of-a-kind vantage point, visitors can take in a breathtaking view of historic Philadelphia’s skyline. With interactive touchscreens, learn about the area’s culture and history while viewing the entire city.

Museum of the American Revolution

There are few better places to experience the Revolution than this. Feel like part of the Revolution while taking an engrossing chronological journey including reenacted historical environments, digital interactives, immersive galleries, and more.

Independence Hall

Within this historic building, both the United States Constitution and Declaration of Independence were signed.

Reading Terminal Market

Even for those with the most eclectic tastes, there’s a little something for everyone in the over 80 concessions found at Reading Terminal Market.


Some of the finest collections of 20th and 19th century French painting are housed within the walls of the Barnes Foundation Houses. Checkout works by Matisse, Cézanne, Renoir, and more.

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Discover Philadelphia’s cultural heart with a surprise around every corner. In the entire country, this landmark facility houses collections that are the most remarkable. Some of the greatest works of European, Asian, European, and American art are held within these walls.

Eastern State Penitentiary

What? Visit a penitentiary? In the entire world, this was once one of the most expensive and famous prisons. But don’t worry. No one’s going to lock you in today. Now, what’s left are empty guard towers, crumbling cellblocks, and a feeling of a haunted ruin. As penitentiaries go, this was one of the world’s first. Explore Death Row, Al Capone’s Cell, solitary punishment cells, and more.

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