All of the websites spread across the internet always want to be the best in terms of internet content. People nowadays, no matter what type of content they yearn for, need the catchiest of the content they can find. Only in the last few years have the digital marketers started to excavate all kinds of content that they can find that the digital medium allows.

So content marketing is the core of any business today! Here are the best 9 ways of content marketing that the digital marketers need to know about. It is also coupled with the best practices and the benefits of content marketing.

Top 9 Types of Content Marketing to Yield Ensured Results

1. Blog

The apple of your eye, a blog should contain such enticing elements that would lure the readers towards it through which your blog can gain more and more popularity each day. Attracting users to your blog is a major type of tactic for content marketing. The only way to do that is by providing important and useful information to your users through your blog.

Best Blogging Best Practices

Figure out the kind of questions that the users seek answers for in your blog.

To enrich your content with real queries of search that people use to perform keyword research.

Different sources such as analytics, feedback to generate different topics, and competitive research can also be used.

2. Email Marketing

One of the most proficiently efficient types of marketing, email marketing helps the user to keep a record of the upcoming content, deals and offers. This could build a long-term relationship with your subscriber.

Best Email Marketing Practices

Figure out the timings how frequently can the users receive email and stick to them. Options of a plain text or full HTML email must be provided to your subscribers.

3. Video Marketing

The most unique type of content marketing among all others, Video Marketing devises a lot of information to the users in a very short period. It can be used effectively on mobile phones.

Best Video Marketing Practices

The video must end with a CTA that assures the user to move on to your site or offer.

Practice with different kinds of professional videos, live streams, and cell videos.

4. Ebooks

Ebooks can be found highly valuable in your blogs when the subscriber wants to take it a step further than the previous one. It generally means to help the reader dig deeper into the summary of the post he just read about.

Best Ebook Practices

To increase your credibility using objective facts, figures, and statistics.

Careful planning of the sections of ebooks must be done to using them in each blog post effectively.

5. Social Media Marketing

The various meanings of social media marketing need to be understood by the digital marketer which depends on different factors. You also need to be wary about the knowledge as to how to use them.

Best Social Media Marketing Practices

Photographs and illustrations must be used in most of the posts.

Just copying and pasting won’t help. Always add some perspective or reviews of your own.

6. Infographics

The most influential and intimidating type of content marketing, Infographics help people see data in newer more fascinating ways.

Best Infographic Practices

Catchy and informative data are the basic key for Infographics.

7. Case Studies

While entering the decision phase of the buyer’s journey, case studies come in handy as one of the best B2B content marketing. They are backed up by strong and confidential leads that help them decide the best way to choose for their particular business.

Best Case Study Practices

Tons of social proof, with laudatory quotes, must be used.

Construct every case study with an introduction, body, and conclusion with your product as “hero”.

8. Tests and Quizzes (“Interactive Content”)

It intrigues people to their core when interactive self-assessments are handed over to them. It makes the user inquisitive about his/her personality info and comparing results.

Best Content Practices

Real and legitimate responses are required through your content.

Ergonomically design quizzes so that the leads can determine actionable data on business issues using them.

9. Online Course

To create a long-lasting relationship and showcase their expertise, content marketing services offering firms usually go for the online courses which, if a good one, could give you a sneak peek to what the future success of a business would look like.

Best Online Course Practices

Design specific skilled courses and knowledge your learners desire in mind.

Like in auto-graded quizzes, look for ways to supply feedback wherever it may be possible.


Above listed are some of the most effective and popular content marketing hacks that every marketing professional must give a try.

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