Top 5 Benefits of FUE hair restoration method

Top 5 Benefits of FUE hair restoration method

Do you want to get back your youth? For most of the people out there, confidence comes from looking young and healthy. However, some people lack that confidence because of early hair loss. We all have gone through the terrible phase of hair fall at some point in time but for some people, the problem is an immediate indicator of an unhealthy lifestyle. This can be treated early with appropriate medications and some lifestyle changes. However, this varies from person to person, so it is important to have a doctor or specialist inspect your hair and scalp. To clear this common misconception, you would first need to understand the stages of hair growth. In addition to this, you would also have to understand the procedure of FUE hair restoration/transplant and its benefits. Flocking with today’s latest technology is an easy, safe, and efficient way to regain confidence.

So here are the top 5 benefits you need to know about FUE:

  1. Futuristic Technology

Automated devices and efficient systems are used to perform FUE hair transplants, resulting in quicker and superior yield. This also results in the most precise and least invasive hair transplant procedure available.

  1. Less discomfort

The level of discomfort reported with FUE hair restoration surgery is significantly less as compared to other procedures like FUT. Outcomes for FUE patients are very good and surpass complications to a great extent. Any discomfort and signs of surgery, usually last no longer than a week.

  1. Fastest recovery

Since FUE is so unintrusive, the recovery of the surgery takes place really fast. So much so that the patient can get back to their daily routine the very next day.

  1. Unnoticeable Scarring

FUE does not involve stitches or linear scarring which are more likely to be obvious and difficult to conceal, unlike FUT. While some degree of scarring may be inevitable with either harvesting technique. The prominence and appearance of those scars can differ notably.

FUE patients can expect diffused, circular scars throughout the donor area—which is quite small. They’re practically undetectable with short hair or even a shaved head. This is because the follicle units are extracted with punch blades that are less than 1mm in diameter and are removed from the donor area. This is done in a natural pattern (and not a long, unnatural line, as with strip harvesting methods).

  1. Unbeatable confidence

Hair loss can have serious and negative effects on your self-confidence. In fact, not only can hair loss impact your self-esteem, but it can also trigger anxiety, depression, and other emotional conditions. FUE hair restoration can give a much-needed boost to your self-confidence. And since Dr. Bagadia knows about the emotional impact hair loss has, our team provides support before, during, and after your treatment.

For those who are considering a hair transplant procedure, the follicular unit extraction method is a great option. It’s a minimally invasive technique that can drastically change your look and boost your confidence. If you have any questions about FUE or would like to schedule a consultation with one of our surgeons, feel free to contact us today!

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