Tips for the best choice of your jewelry with Precious Stones


The world of precious stones is a vast and fascinating area. But sometimes it is complex to recognize the quality of the gem and especially its value!

Bad-natured people very often use the naivety of the buyers by selling them low-quality Corundum Gemstones at exorbitant prices. Although knowledge of gemology requires years of study in addition to the use of technical instruments, it is no secret to access the knowledge of the basic rules.


Tip 1: pay attention to the color of the gemstone

Its color determines 50 % of the value of a lab emerald. The golden rule is neither too light nor too dark. A beautiful gem must have a balanced and harmonious color.

Harmony of colors

Its color should be the same, perfectly visible throughout the lab created emerald - this does not apply to Opals - No angle of the gemstone should be more shaded or lighter, the color should be uniform.

Ideal color?

Here is a yes and a no. There are remarkable colors such as the famous lab grown white sapphire, Kashmir Sapphire Blue or Ruby Red "Sangre de Paloma" but we must agree that the ideal color should correspond to each type of precious stone.

For example, the Peridot, its "perfect" hue, should be a beautiful lime green, softened by slightly yellow tints, well balanced, clear, and bright. In the case of the created emerald, the green must be very intense with reflections of blue.

hydrothermal emerald too light will have less value than an emerald with a well-defined color and higher saturation. And staying in the green gems if we take the Diopside, its green is neutral, powerful, and very bright.

Should we then acquire only perfectly colored gemstones?

Logically not! Do not forget that ultimately the perfect color is the color that you like the most. Take the case of White Gemstones. At the moment, the most popular is the Amethysts of Uruguay with intense violet color, well-marked, with dark blue reflections.

Clients have every right in the world to think that way because color perception is subjective, and it has to do with the personal taste of each one!

Tip 2: Pay attention to the weight of the gemstone 

It is wrongly believed that the total carat weight of emeralds for sale determines its value, that is, 10 carats of Diamond is 10 carats of Diamonds. Attention.

Value not proportional to weight

The dimension of the emerald stones for sale will then be of great importance when evaluating its price. But, attention, its value will not increase proportionally to its weight.

All weights are not equal

Here we have another factor to consider. Russia offers an incredible quality of Emeralds of a superb color. Russian Emeralds are therefore highly coveted by collectors due to their exalting color. But to buy emerald stone, they are found only in small dimensions!

It is very rare to find Russian Emeralds of more than one carat. For this reason, a 2-carat man made opal will cost more than a 3 carat Brazilian Emerald. Scarcity plays a role in the price of the Precious Stone.

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