Tips for moving your office from Canada to the USA

Tips for moving your office from Canada to the USA

International experience can be a great asset to your career and business. Moving your office from Canada to the USA is a great idea because these two countries have great business relationships. Because of this, moving your office between these two nations is not a difficult process. But, still, it requires paperwork and preparation a bit more than moving within Canada. When you gather all documentation for personal and office items and hire Toronto professionals for commercial moves, your office equipment, and possessions are permitted to enter the United States duty-free. But, keep in mind that you must declare all items and state actual values when completing the necessary documentation. If U.S. customs finds that did not declare all items, they can confiscate your personal of office items or charge you penalties and duty on them. So, before moving your office from Canada to the USA, try to learn and read more about U.S. customs regulations and laws.

Packing your Canada office for the move to the USA

For cross-border moves, you need an international moving company who can help you relocate your office space from Canada to the USA. Professional movers also have additional services you can use to pack and unpack your office. They know how to pack and protect your valuable items and sensitive office equipment. Experts will also create the necessary inventory list and you just have to put the signature, ensuring all items crossing the border are listed. At the USA you will be asked to ensure all the items so remember to keep a copy of this important document.

How to pack your office? Tips and tricks

There are few steps you need to follow when packing your office for the move to the USA.

·       Buy moving boxes and packing supplies like tapes, wrapping material, etc.

·       Sort and pack your documents and throw away unnecessary paperwork

·       Pack your files and documents in file boxes

·       Boxes with confidential documents, label with mark “Confidential”

·      Every employee should be responsible for packing their own desks

·     Throw away dried up pens, filled notepads, and other useless items

·      Pack and protect your fragile items with packing paper or other wrapping material

·       Use plenty of padding when packing the computer and other fragile items.

·       Protect your artwork and high-value office equipment

·      Heavy boxes you should label “Heavy” the same you should label “fragile box”

·    If you can do it alone – disassembly furniture or call professionals to do it

Planning Ahead is the most important step in office relocation

Have you booked your move? What next? Then, you should start packing and preparing everything for the move to the USA. Make sure all your documentation is completed ahead of time. Check USA laws and regulations and complete all the forms, depending on your situation. When you gather all documentation and pack everything, movers will pick it all up and move it to the USA. 

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