Tips for Choosing Clothes and Shoes for Dance

Tips for Choosing Clothes and Shoes for Dance

 It can be tempting to wear the most comfortable for dance class. But there are actually specific reasons for wearing the right clothing for a dance class that is extremely But there are actually specific reasons for wearing the right clothing for a dance class that is extremely important. First of all, you have to have the right attire and this shows respect for the instructors. In addition, it shows that the students care about the class, and that they are focused and ready to work and learn in the particular style of that instructor and everything he has to teach them.

The proper use of dance clothing, stockings, leotards and most importantly without changing clothes or with bags, is also necessary for instructors to see if the movements are carried out correctly, if the correct muscles are being used. In turn it allows them to see what they are working on and to give the most accurate and beneficial corrections in order to help their students grow.

The right clothing serves to improve the dancer 's body, offer a smooth movement without any limitations, as well as improve their skills. With the right clothes it should be easy to dance and each of them corresponds to a specific dance technique. The correct choice of clothing should take into account the body type of the dancer, how the costume moves with the body, what kind of music is danced to and what you want to convey on stage. This article might give you some tips on how to select the appropriate clothing for ballet, jazz, and modern dance.


If you are a dancer or a ballerina, you should keep in mind the comfort and simplicity in dancewear. It should be firm and that you can stretch and move easily. The best ballroom dance shoes don’t only need to be good-looking though, they should give you protection, support, and durability. And apart from all these, the most important factor when choosing the right ballroom shoes is COMFORT! 

Basic items include leggings, leggings, skirt, stockings, and appropriate footwear such as pointe shoes.


Choose comfortable clothes, so you will be able to move more easily and quickly. Most dance teachers and academies have specific rules for costume, including an exact uniform. Ideally, you should wear socks, have shorts so you can stretch easily (look for yoga clothes) and tank tops that are not so baggy; this way your instructor can see if you are doing the right movements during jumping or stretching. Choose shoes that are intended for jazz, with a soft and flexible sole.

Modern dance:

Wear pants such as tights or leggings (easy to stretch and dance), leg warmers (they are best suited for cold fall and winter days when it's warming up), and a suitable shirt that frees your arms for movement. Footwear will depend on the teacher instructions. Most of the time modern dancers go barefoot, sometimes they wear ballet or jazz shoes. Everything must be elastic for greater flexibility in movements. Preferably wear clothes in solid dark colors. It allows a clear illustration of the movements of the body.


No matter what style of dance you are interested in, it is important to choose the right material. This way it will be incorporated into your movements and they will surround you with comfort. It is best to select dancewear made from a breathable material, such as cotton blends; what will be able to move freely with the body. Lightweight materials tend to move faster and easier, while lycra is tailored for a perfect fit. If any part of your body needs special care, then you should think about wrap dance sweaters, lined wool pants, and wool tops or leotards.


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