TIFR Physics

TIFR Physics exam is given by most of the students. They are always eager to give this exam. But firstly know about this exam. TIFR stands for Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. This TIFR exam can be given by the students who have done their M.sc in Physics, or B.Tech with Engineering Physics.

In the exam, there are many subjects related questions are coming like mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry, computer and system science, and science education. The exam is conducted in different states of India. And the person who fulfills the qualification means who is eligible for giving the exam can apply for the exam.

The Pattern of the Exam
The exam has three types of questions- multiple types, numerical and symbolic. Each type of question has a different marking level. In the exam, the pattern of questions are divided into three Sections A, B, C. And each section have two types of questions such as Section A have a question of multiple choice and numerical, Section B has questions of multiple choice and symbolic and Section C has the same type of questions like Section B.

So, try to solve your exam pattern-wise and do your best because negative marking also appears in the exam.

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