The Use Of Aoqun Medical Instrument Cleaning Brush

Mr. Vin from New Zealand found our company through Alibaba website. He said that they need to purchase medical instrument cleaning brushes for their laboratory, but if they only purchase brushes for medical instruments, the scope of use would be too small. Vin asked if our medical instrument cleaning brush could clean other instruments besides medical instruments.
We explained to Mr. Vin: “the size of our medical instrument cleaning brush is customized according to Mr. Vin’s requirements. Our medical instrument cleaning brush is made of pure nylon bristle and high-quality stainless steel. The bristle is soft and does not damage the inner. As long as you use it properly with the right size, our medical instrument cleaning brushes can not only clean the medical instrument, but also can clean the other kind of tubes, tube holder and other utensils. 
Mr. Vin appreciated our specific explanation. He said that we are the first merchant who is willing to understand them carefully and solve their problems. They decided to give us the order of 10,000pcs medical instrument cleaning brushes. He said that they appreciated such a careful businessman like us and hoped that we could keep in touch with him.

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