The Ultimate Guide to using an Aldelo Point of Sale System

The Ultimate Guide to using an Aldelo Point of Sale System

Today, restaurants facernmany challenges, such as staff shortages, rising costs, rising customer servicernexpectations, and online and in-store ordering experiences. Aldelo Point of sale system helprnrestaurants and bars overcome a variety of challenges with state-of-the-artrnrestaurant technology solutions, such as our popular iPad and Android-basedrnrestaurant POS, which features Integrated online ordering easy to install.rnWhether you're a restaurant owner or a restaurant and bar catering business,rnAldelo's state-of-the-art Restaurant Aldelo POS system is here to help.

Aldelo offers 24/7 liverntechnical support, and automated application updates, and our restaurant POSrnsolutions are hardware agnostic for maximum flexibility. Aldelo Point of SalernSystem cans analytics on any device anywhere and anytime. It's a robustrnarchitecture that keeps the system up and running for weeks during power andrninternet outages. These are versatile apps designed for restaurants, bars,rnpizzerias, food trucks, pop-ups, and more in minutes with Aldelo's setuprnwizard.

The use of the Aldelo point of sale system


The Aldelo Point ofrnSale System is a solution designed specifically for iPad and iPad mini. Thisrnallows you to use your iPad as a traditional touchscreen POS system or a mobilernrestaurant POS tablet. Now, restaurant owners have complete flexibility forrntheir operations by switching from fixed to mobile at any time. It is arncomplete restaurant management system created for table service in fine diningrnestablishments or quick service restaurants. It can be used as your sole POSrnsystem or integrated with other Aldelo Point of Sale System solutions.rnAccept payments using Aldelo POS restaurant management software with a semi-integratedrncredit card processor and EMV chip system in your business.

The Key Features Aldelo Point of Sale System


Restaurant operatorsrncan benefit greatly from the Aldelo Point of Sale System. If you want tornunderstand the precise features offered by this platform, you must delve deeperrninto the intricacies. Let's have a look at them:-

ü  Create menus that are simple to navigate for you and your team — Color coding aids inrndistinguishing distinct portions of the interface.

ü  Integrae nseveral modifiers to enable you easily personalize orders – ideal for pizzarnrestaurants and other similar businesses.

ü  Create floor plan to help you operate a dine-in restaurant more effectively.

ü  For  those who wish to take advantage of free POS services, in-house payment processingrnis accessible — it also means you may avoid the headache of hiring a processor.

ü  A cloud-based solution that aids in the prevention of data loss in the case ofrnhardware issues

ü  Pre-authorize credit cards for tabs or bar tabs — ideal for late-night restaurants and clubs.

ü  Quick-fire menu ordering that allows you to take orders rapidly — ideal for businesses nwith high foot traffic.

ü  Remote access to sales figures and other reporting figures

What are the Benefits of the Aldelo Point of Sale System?


Ø  Order quickly and efficiently

The Aldelo Point of Sale System quick andrneasy ordering system allows you to scan items using your iPad's built-in camerarnor Bluetooth barcode scanner. Is the barcode missing? Our search function will  allow you to search keywords to find articles quickly and easily.

Ø  Inventory countdown

Follow these   never-changing promotions in limited quantities with our countdown feature. This  feature allows you to see directly on the screen how many certain menu items are left!

Ø  Customer-oriented display

Build trust with yourrncustomers by having a customer interactive display that shows items on arncustomer-facing display while you name the items. Also, display photos andrnvideos for your own sales and marketing promotions while customers are calling!rnIt's like having an extra salesperson in the store.


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