Breeding house of sports teams, Philadelphia, is home base for several teams who are professional as well as amateur and college level. It breeds athletes who originate from all parts of Philadelphia and can be of any age and background. Anyone with the true potential and passion for a certain sport can apply for a tryout and that is why it has a long list of teams that people of Philadelphia root for.

If you are new to the sports scene of Philadelphia and you are on the look for which team you should root for so that you are always on the winning side, or you just want to which teams Philadelphians, who are known as the most knowledgeable fans, prefer then we are here with the most popular teams which you may be interested to keep an eye on.

Philadelphia Phillies:

One of the most popular teams of Philadelphia is, Philadelphia Phillies, which is an American professional baseball team and has competed in several leagues some of which include; Major League Baseball. The team ranks high enough to grab a seat as a member of the National League East Division.

Like all teams, Philadelphia Phillies has its own home stadium, Citizen Bank Park, which is located on the Southside of Philly. The team is one of the oldest and most sought out franchises in America that has been constantly delivering what their fans expect of them.

The team has also won the World Cup series championship twice which for any team is a major achievement.

Philadelphia Eagles:

For a football enthusiast, Philadelphia Eagles is not a new name at all. One of the most popular and oldest professional football teams that flags from Philadelphia dates back to 1933 and has competed in the renowned National Football League which is one of the most hyped and looked after leagues in America. The team is also a member of the National Football Conference of East Division.

The team has participated in Super Bowl many times and has managed to bag a few wins for itself along with the wins of multiple Championships. As every football team has its very own rival so does Philadelphia Eagle who goes head-on with the New York Giants and is the oldest in the NFC East along within NFL. The rivalry is hyped every single time to keep the fans hooked and they eat it right up.

Philadelphia Flyers:

Hockey might be the game that makes you think of Canada instantly but Philadelphia Flyers are a professional hockey team that flags from Philadelphia as the name suggests. They mostly compete in the National Hockey League as a representative and a member of the Metropolitan Division of Eastern Conference.

The team has won the Stanley Cup twice despite being an expansion team and is the third-best team in America. They rival head-on with the New York Rangers which has now come to know as a historic and intense rivalry dating back to the 1970s. Their mascot hasn’t been constant but a few years back they introduced a new fuzzy orange creature named ‘Gritty’ as a mascot.

Philadelphia 76ers:

Commonly and popularly known as the Sixers among its fans, the Philadelphia 76ers, are a professional basketball team hailing from Philadelphia’s metropolitan area. The team competes in the National Basketball Association as a member of the Eastern Conference Atlantic Division. They mainly play at the Wells Fargo Center and were founded in 1946 with the name of Syracuse National which they later changed to their present name.

Philadelphia 76ers are one of the oldest teams who are still a part of the NBA and were strong enough to survive the league’s first decade. Many of the team’s players graved the Hall of Fame due to their popularity and fan base. The team together has won three NBA championships and continues to compete in championships.

Philadelphia Union:

Finally a soccer team, Philadelphia Union is a professional soccer team which is based in the Philadelphia Metropolitan area. The team competes in Major League Soccer as a member of the Eastern Conference. The Union is a relatively new club which was formed in 2008 and started playing in 2010 as an expansion team.

Most of their home matches take place at Subaru Park which is designed as a soccer stadium only with soccer-specific needs and is located at the banks of Delaware River. The team has bagged Supporter’s’ Shield which was its first title in its history. They haven’t bagged any major wins but continue their hard work for which their fans support them throughout.

As mentioned, Philadelphia has a team for every sport one can possibly imagine and therefore is a dream city to be in for any sports enthusiast. Sports lovers flock to Philly whenever the game season is near and teams try their best not to disappoint their fans.

All the mentioned teams are the ones who have been performing their top game and that is why huge crowds of people flock to stadiums whenever a team they support is playing. Some people visit the stadiums for the experience and thrill of it all. If you are one of those said people who are looking for a ride to the stadium your favorite team is playing at the reach out to Philly Car and Limo and rent yourself a car.

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