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Do you have several computers in your home and want to connect them with to share important files, photos, music, and videos? You can do this very easily with some basic knowledge of computer networks. Regardless of whether you want to install a home or office network, you need to have some knowledge about server computers, client computers, cables, and switches, etc. In this article, you will get all the necessary information. You can also contact your computer repair company to help you set up your network.

Let's delve into the discussion with the client computer. Computers used to use a service or access network resources are called client computers. Some examples are Shared Folder, Shared Printer, etc. On the other hand, computer servers offer these services. Windows Server 2000/2003, Linux, Novel Netware - examples of network operating systems that are used on servers.

To connect to the network, the computer must have a network card. Two types of connections are used to connect to the network: wireless and wired. Traditionally, all computers use cables like media intermediaries. These cables are commonly known as 10BaseT. In addition to this, there are other types of cables, as well as a coaxial cable, commonly called 10Base2.

It’s not that each computer is connected directly to another using a cable. There is a switch that basically acts as a connector. Recently, people have preferred wireless networks. This is a networking environment where computers do not need cables or switches to connect to other computers and servers. Most likely, the computer must have wireless network cards to access the network. To use this connection mode, it is recommended that you take more effective security measures.

If you face any difficulties setting up your home or office network, you can call the remote support or visit The Rapid Help computer support site for assist. Many companies offer reliable PC support at a very convenient price.

The Rapid Help all experienced a particular problem with our desktop computers, laptops, and Mobile phones. Although The Rapid Help would like to solve all the problems ourselves, this is not always possible. You must understand the problem before it can be solved.


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