The most inefficient setting for MMORPGs

MMORPGs are a kind that includes video games, that go beyond the boundaries of time. They contribute to the present strategy for massively multiplayer video games.

There are a variety of plausible reasons for the immense popularity of MMORPGs. One of them is the wide range of features of video games within this genre, including their settings and gameplay, combat systems as well as occupations and classes, and much more. It's also worth noting the various businesses that have sprung up around these kinds of games, both within and beyond their virtual worlds, like Runescape which has inspired numerous websites that let players Buy OSRS Gold with real money. Games from other series are not too far behind and the in-game currency is simple to acquire.

But, in recent times MMORPGs have proved to be somewhat repetitive in their functions and therefore it's not unusual to see a variety of MMORPGs with similar elements and environments, as like if they were the exact same game. It's vital that MMORPG creators start to think differently about their themes and environments.

In a nutshell: this is a shortlist of the worst settings that are used in MMORPG videos and those that aren't considered due for some reason.

A world built on historical events

There have been a variety of fascinating periods throughout the course of history However only a handful of MMOs have succeeded in utilizing the potential of this system. There are many medieval-themed video games available, however, they tend to adhere to the same basic model of kingdoms that have kings and knights but without any depth.

It's interesting to discover MMORPGs with historical settings like Feudal Japan as well as in the Wild West. But it is clear that more video games are required to discover the vast human story that is full of conflicts, innovations, and glory.


Apocalyptic realms (as different from post-apocalyptic ones) are usually not a frequently utilized concept in games. There are a lot of games set in a post-apocalyptic world however, not all are set in the post-apocalypse. The most popular scenario of Armageddon is one that is a "zombie apocalypse"-based scenario where humans have a chance to save the world from the ravages of the undead, however, there are many different kinds of plots that could benefit from this setting.

Science fiction world

Contrary to what many believe Sci-fi video games are extremely rare. True science fiction is a genre of fiction that attempts to re-create real science as closely as it is possible. Laser weapons and aliens aren't enough. Sci-fi needs to create a world where players believe in an eventuality that the technology of futuristic games actually exists. The majority of MMORPGs with a sci-fi inclination tend to be more "sci-fi," which are fantasies that are set in high-tech environments. The science fiction genre is very complex, and this is likely the primary reason why developers prefer the more fantasy-based approach because it allows for more freedom and greater ease of development.

There are other worlds within the MMORPG genre that aren't yet developed, and a lot of MMORPG gamers hope to see the time to do so, however, keep in mind that a lot of these ideas can be very risky, which is why it is typical for development firms to make the most secure option and have more freedom of thought.

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