The game has been updated World of Warcraft

"We recognize that we need to release them at a higher frequency than previously," he added. "So it is our intention to invest in the WoTLK Gold team and resources to help us accomplish this."

Morhaime said last week during the Activision Blizzard earnings call that Blizzard has more resources committed towards World of Warcraft now that it ever had before in the history of the franchise.

World of Warcraft currently has 7.6 million players, which is down by just 100.000 over the previous quarter, but also below the 10 million users it had at the time of the release of Mists of Pandaria last year. Morhaime said Blizzard has adjusted the way its World of Warcraft development team is organized to allow them to keep an eye on the future of the MMO.

"We are also required to begin thinking about the future and begin planning for the future," he said. "We've been working to expand the game after this one [Warlords from Draenor[Warlords of Draenor]. We've never attempted to do that in the past. We've been doing an expansion at a given time that's sort of a linear content creation model, and we've been looking at ways to parallelize the process. As a result, while we're working on the expansion we're considering the new one."

The game has been updated World of Warcraft Human Male Has a LOT More Detailed Looks ... Human

Blizzard entertainment has revealed its first photos of the new Human man model will be available in MMO World of Warcraft when the Warlords of Draenor expansion hits this season. The game's current Human male model has come under numerous criticisms due to their "odd dimensions and facial geometry" but the WOW WoTLK Classic Gold has been changed, Blizzard said in a post at its official website.

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