When Should I Repair My Credit?

When Should I Repair My Credit?

Spoiler alert: the answer is “always”.

When someone utters the words “credit score” there is usually a collective sense of stress or worry. After all, credit scores do tend to dictate what we’re able to afford and therefore, how we live our lives. Whether you’ve got an excellent credit rating, or a not-so-great credit score, you should always make a conscious effort to either repair or maintain your credit score.

If you’re looking for quick tips to repair your credit, we regret to inform you that while there are steps that are easy to follow, there aren’t any magic methods to drastically improve your credit overnight. Whether you’ve got a mortgage to pay off, credit card debt, or bad credit car loans in London, there are other effective ways to overcome it and get a win in the end!

When it comes to repairing credit card debt, we’ve got the “how” and the “when” narrowed down.

Person using computer to calculate credit score and improve their bad credit car loan in London

Understanding what a Credit Score is

Before delving into how and when one can repair their credit score, let’s quickly summarize what a credit score actually is for those that may not be sure.                       

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